What Racers Need to Know About the Oracle Park Spartan Stadion

What Racers Need to Know About the Oracle Park Spartan Stadion
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On Nov. 23 and 24, the Spartan Stadion series is coming to Oracle Park, the home of Major League Baseball's San Francisco Giants. In anticipation of the race, we crowdsourced those who have run it for tips and advice. What are the hardest obstacles? What should you wear? What is the level of difficulty? What should you be on the lookout for? Spartans were happy to provide invaluable information. If you're planning to run Oracle Park, keep these important points in mind.

The Spartan Stadion at Oracle Park enters its sixth edition, and this year the competition will be as fierce as ever. The San Francisco Bay, the notorious Embarcadero, and one of the nicest open-air stadiums in existence set the scene for what will be an energized display of Spartan strength and skill. Three miles of racing, five levels of climbing, and 20-plus signature obstacles will test even the most determined athletes. 

Northern California first showcased its crown jewel to the Spartan Stadion series in 2013. Since then, there have been instances of crazy competition, mass jubilation, and unpredictable weather. And did we mention stairs? Spartan Race turned to social media to gain insight into what to expect: the good, the bad, and the glorious.

Here are 10 things an athlete must know about Oracle Park, from those you have done it.

  • “Don’t slow down to catch your breath ... because by then you will be at the finish line. [It’s a] fun full-throttle race.”
  • “Bear crawls through the concourse. Thumbs up.”
  • “Stairs, stairs, stairs ...  and when you are sick and tired of stairs, do more stairs.”
  • “Been doing it EVERY year. Love the course!!!! Hardest part? Stairs ... stairs ... and did I say stairs?!”
  • “Maneuvering through the seats and not falling on my face.”
  • “Oracle Park is easy compared to trail races. It really is a great introduction race for newbies to Spartan. The hardest part is the little half steps in the aisles when going across seating sections.”
  • “I did SF last year, doing it again this year. The stationary bike threw me off hard!”
  • “My 4 and 6 year old girls will both run three laps to complete their Trifectas.” (This event is kid-friendly!)
  • “Oracle Park is just plain FUN. The stadium is right on the waterfront, so you get some really cool views as you run the race. The challenges are the same as any other Stadion — lots of stairs and a course that will challenge your stamina, but only for a short amount of time!”
  • “It’s gorgeous when you get up there and see the bay! And it’s right in San Francisco! How can you go wrong?”

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