One Thing to 10X Everything

One Thing to 10X Everything
Presented by Spartan Training®

What would you pay for a 10x improvement to everything in your life? One small change to improve your health, your relationships, your career. Ruari Fairbarns has found that ONE simple thing, and now he's sharing it with us!

Is it dropping sugar? Burpees? Quitting carbs? Daily cold showers? Fasting?

According to Fairbairns, creator "The Ultimate Social Challenge," it's one simple thing: dropping alcohol. He used his own abstention as a case study and experienced dramatic improvements in every aspect of his life, including his career, family, friends as well as his mental and physical health.

But, how, exactly, do you drop a habit that is so deeply conditioned? Fairbairns shares concrete tips and tricks to try the challenge for 30 days, 90 days, a year or a lifetime.

Want proof? We interviewed his wife Jennifer too!

Lessons: 1. If the results of abstaining from alcohol were sold as a pill, it would be a billion dollar business. 2. You’re not giving up anything if you are, in fact, replacing it with something better. 3. Bad habits don’t need telling off; they need replacing.

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