This 5-Hour, Multi-Lap Sprint Race Format Will Debut in the Bahamas

This 5-Hour, Multi-Lap Sprint Race Format Will Debut in the Bahamas
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For the first time ever, we're introducing a 5-hour, multi-5K-lap Sprint race format to the Spartan race roster. Will we see you there?

The Spartan Kids World Championship is coming back far bigger and better than ever before in 2023, with an iconic racecation venue that's perfect for the entire family: Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas. This iconic weekend — taking place Aug. 26–27, 2023 — is set to feature plenty of epic family-friendly activities, challenges, excursions, and opportunities to connect with the Spartan community. 

But although the world's toughest qualifying kids will be battling it out all weekend for the title of 2023 World Champion, this weekend isn't just for junior Spartans. We've not only upgraded our adults' event to a sandy, sunny, HARD 5K, 20-obstacle Sprint (so you can earn a third of your Trifecta in a tropical paradise), but we're also introducing an entirely new race format, and you can be the FIRST to try it. 

Learn more about the 2023 Bahamas Spartan Sprint 5K and Kids World Championship and sign up here!

Everything You Need to Know About the Multi-Lap Spartan Sprint Race

On both Saturday and Sunday, Spartans will have the opportunity to test their endurance and grit on our newest course format starting at 7 a.m. Over the course of 5 hours, you'll run as many laps of the 5K, 20-obstacle Spartan Sprint race course as you can muster. 

This inaugural event is open to competitors of all skill levels — no qualification necessary — and all finishers will receive a unique multi-lap challenge coin that has never before been seen or earned by any Spartan racer. 

"The Multi-Lap 5k Sprint race is an innovative and exciting format that will take participants through a variety of terrains and put their endurance to the test," Spartan CEO Joe De Sena says. "What better way to challenge yourself mentally and physically than to run through the scenic landscape of the Bahamas?"

Want to be the first to tackle the newest ultimate endurance test? Registration is now open, so don't miss your chance!

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