Meditation for Beginners: 4 Simple Steps

Meditation for Beginners: 4 Simple Steps
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Meditation For Beginners: A Way to Focus Your Mind

Meditation can be a simple but powerful tool to help your brain calm, improve focus, and enhance sleep. What’s the easiest way to incorporate this technique into your daily routine? In this episode we’ll tell you what it is, how to do meditation for beginners,, and the short and long-term benefits to enhanced focus.  

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An Intro to Meditation for Beginners

In a world of smartphones, networking groups, and virtual education, we are constantly bombarded with new tools, apps, and services that will help us be better and more effective at home, school, and work. All of these types of technology are great. But, there’s one tool that no one is selling because you can use it for free: meditation. Lots of devices can help you with it but you can engage in it anytime, anywhere, and on your own.

On a biological level, daily meditation has been linked to changes in brain structure, including a thicker cerebral cortex and  . These parts of the brain have been linked to information processing and decision making.

The benefits don’t stop there — studies suggest that age-related brain changes might be off-set with regular mediation

So what is it really? Meditation is concentration in practice. According to a University of Washington study, meditation was shown to improve concentration and cultivate the kind of mindfulness that eases distracted or automatic behaviors and aids in maintaining focus.

You’ll be noticeably less stressed. Meditation can provide a sense of calm, inner peace, and balance that benefits both your emotional well-being and your physical performance.

Another benefit, better communication. Communication is a result of the clarity and focus that meditation brings. A clear mind will communicate focused and clear thoughts.

4 Simple Steps

  1. Sit somewhere comfortably
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Breathe deeply and naturally
  4. Focus your attention on each breath and how your body moves with each inhale and exhale. And always be “present” with your body and mind. That will make you feel grounded and enhance focus.

Key Terms

  • Daily meditation is linked to positive changes in brain structure and can improve focus and concentration
  • Research studies support meditation can focus the mind, decrease stress, and assist in brain processes such as decision-making and improve physical performance
  • 4 simple steps: sit comfortably, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and focus on your breathing
  • Meditation in your everyday routine: helps you to be present, feel grounded, focus and perform at your best  


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    Producer: Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

    Writer and Host: Nada Milosavljevic MD, JD

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