Los Angeles Sprint Weekend: Tips and Advice From Racers Who Have Done It

Los Angeles Sprint Weekend: Tips and Advice From Racers Who Have Done It
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On Dec. 7 and 8, Spartan Race comes to Castaic Lake State Recreation Area — approximately 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles — for the Los Angeles Sprint Weekend. In anticipation of the race, we crowdsourced those who have run it for tips and advice. What are the hardest obstacles? What should you wear? What is the level of difficulty? What should you be on the lookout for? Spartans were happy to provide invaluable information. If you're planning to run Los Angeles, keep these important points in mind.

When you think of Los Angeles, your first thought probably isn't miles of mud and hardened Spartan obstacles, but for the chosen few who will line up to race the Los Angeles Sprint on Dec. 7, it will be an event to remember. About 40 miles northwest of one of America's premier metropolitan meccas lies Castaic Lake State Recreation Area in Santa Clarita. Therein lies 4,000 acres of pristine trails and waterfront features. But don’t be fooled: Steep, ugly, harrowing challenges await — ESPECIALLY if it rains. While an early-December rainstorm might be welcome (and rare), it will quickly turn the course into a quagmire. Five-thousand meters, 20-plus obstacles, and a chance at going into the lake? I hope you’re ready!

New this year, too, will be timing assigned to the 2-mile kids championship race heats. With two age group classes for each gender (ages 10-11 and 12-14) and challenges aplenty, there will be pride on the line for many of Spartan Race’s future champions.

In preparation, Spartan turned to social media to uncover some essential insights into what to expect at the Los Angeles Sprint. Below, check out real feedback from racers who have conquered previous editions.

  • “Castaic has some hills that can be challenging for first-timers. I consider it to be a great first race, as the hills are challenging but not soul crushers.”
  • “Train your endurance and quick recovery ... Obstacles aren’t the issue, it’s the recovery!”
  • “Castaic — the 2-mile hill at the start … (grins)”
  • “Castaic Lake is my tradition! I never miss this race! This is where I started in 2015!"
  • Looking forward to having our Team Trifecta go out there and show them what Spartan is all about. Bringing a lot of first-timers so it should be a super fun experience!”

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