If You're Going to Run One Trail Race This Year, Make It This One

If You're Going to Run One Trail Race This Year, Make It This One

Spartan has teamed up with Pacific Coast Trail Runs and ultrarunning legend Dean Karnazes to create the Golden Gate Trail Classic.

Taking place Nov. 19-21, the magic of the Golden Gate Bridge and the majestic trails of Marin and Mount Tamalpais set the stage for 10K, half marathon, 50K, and 100K races. Those races represent the only North American events in the Spartan Trail World Championship series.

Run Across the Golden Gate Bridge at Sunrise

Starting in the iconic city of San Francisco, racers will travel across the Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise and venture into the fabled Marin Headlands, where spellbinding panoramas of the mountains and sea await.

golden gate trail classic

Steeped in legend and lore, the enchanting trails and wilderness of Marin County are a place of supreme beauty and stunning contrasts. With San Francisco as a backdrop, the Marin Headlands afford sweeping views of the city skyline and the Pacific Ocean. With the towering mountains and lush redwood forests, this spectacular region of Northern California is the ultimate natural playground, a place to immerse the senses and invigorate the spirit.

"The Golden Gate Trail Classic showcases the beauty and splendor of San Francisco and Marin Country, my home," says Karnazes, one of the most influential athletes in the running world. "Runners are in for an unforgettable experience." 

The First Plant-Fueled Event in Trail Running

A major feature of the Golden Gate Trail Classic is its partnership with No Meat Athlete, a nutrition awareness brand, and their product, Plant Bites. This will be the first plant-fueled event in the trail running world, offering plant-based nutrition at each aid station and in food trucks at the finish-line area. 

golden gate trail classic

The North American Leg of the Spartan Trail World Championship

The Spartan Trail World Championship features 10 global stops on four continents, and the final leaderboard is split into two categories: Trail Run Championship (up to 49K distances) and Trail Ultra Championship (50K or more distances).

Elite runners will battle at each stop for an unprecedented prize purse and collect points towards the series leaderboard prize purse. Age Group runners will also battle for important prizes at each stop, and for a final bundle at the end of the championship. At the Golden Gate Trail Classic, the half-marathon point total will go towards the Trail Run Championship, and the 100K will go towards the Trail Ultra Championship.

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