Franklin Gloves Are Now the Official Gloves of Spartan

Franklin Gloves Are Now the Official Gloves of Spartan
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Franklin Sports has partnered with Spartan to become the official performance glove of the company.

In addition to developing Spartan/OCR-specific gloves, Franklin Sports will provide accessories under their Arctic Trail brand, including backpacks, dry bags, water bottles, and cooling towels. No matter where a racer finishes, Franklin Sports will have the right gear to help each athlete cross the finish line. Licensed gear will be available at all Spartan events, and on both Spartan and Franklin Sports e-commerce channels.

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“Performance gloves are at the core of what we do, and each style is created with the highest quality material to help all athletes achieve their personal goals," said Adam Franklin, the President of Franklin Sports. "Spartan is known as the No. 1 obstacle event in the world, and Franklin Sports is thrilled to join the Spartan community with a premier line of officially licensed products." 

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Franklin gloves are uniquely engineered to follow the pre-curved anatomy of the human hand, which reduces bunching while improving fit, feel, and performance. Each Spartan glove is engineered specifically for the sport of obstacle course racing, to take on any and all conditions with weather-resistant designs and superior grip for obstacles.

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“Franklin is known for making the best performance gloves in the world, and our community, which spans general fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes, needs high-quality equipment that can stand up to the test of the Spartan race course,” said Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena. “We wouldn’t put our name on anything but the best, and we’re proud to partner with Franklin to offer our racers the latest sport-specific technology that will help them cross the finish line and achieve their fitness goals.”

The three unisex models of Franklin’s Spartan gloves are available in sizes XS to XXL in signature Spartan colors that are unique to each:

  • OCR Minimalist Traditional (Gray/Red): The Minimalist Traditional features slip-resistant wet-grip PVC and dry-grip silicon. This glove provides superior grip in all race conditions with a water-resistant design.

franklin gloves spartan

  • OCR Minimalist Premium (Black/Gold): The Minimalist Premium features micro-grip technology providing premium gripping properties for all weather conditions. The water-resistant design provides palm padding while protecting knuckle-bridge from race elements.

franklin gloves spartan

  • OCR Multi 1.0  (Black/Red): The OCR Multi 1.0 features slip-resistant wet-grip PVC combined with dry-grip silicon to provide superior grip for all race conditions. The unique palm padding system absorbs the impact from the toughest of obstacles.

franklin gloves spartan

Additional licensed accessories by Franklin’s Arctic Trails brand will be available early in 2020.

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