Death Race: 3000 Burpees...In 1 Night

Death Race: 3000 Burpees...In 1 Night
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The 2018 Spartan Death Race has literally made the history books when a Guinness Book of World Records record was set for crawling under barbed wire (more than seven miles in 12 hours).

There should be an footnote on the record: That the participants spent the night doing 3000 burpees (and before that rucking up and down a mountain and more).

Three thousand burpees. Not 30! Three thousand. Here are some images. (For pix of the entire event, go here.)

After the sunset on a long day, Spartan CEO and burpee evangelist Joe De Sena explains how the field of Death Racers will be doing burpees for the next 6+ hours.
Death racers prepare to do the first of 3000 burpees.
Of course, the only thing for the Death Racers to do is to do them.
One thing to note about this photo is that the the burpees came before the barbed wire crawl. That's why there's no blood or shredded clothing in the photo.