How to Build Momentum

How to Build Momentum
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Momentum can build up in the positive or the negative. Here’s how you can build momentum and make it work for you, NOT against you!

In today's episode I'm talking to you about momentum and how it could positively impact all areas of your life or negatively impact all areas of your life. And the reason why I want to talk about it is I've seen this effect happening to people, including myself, with nutrition, with career choices, with work, with your fitness. So at age 14, on the wrestling team, the coach says to the guys after a match that we had lost, "Guys, momentum is key. If we go out and you don't get that first take-down and then you start losing points to the guy scoring on you, you've built momentum in a negative way. You let the momentum add up against you, or you could go out, score the first takedown, be aggressive, score more points..  now you're building momentum to your benefit."

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And it happens as a team. The more we win as an individual, the more we win as a team. So the key is that if something is happening in life and it's working against you, immediately make correction, take another action that turns the momentum to your positive.

Same thing with nutrition. Have enough food in the house where you're stocked up for the whole week versus you've just got enough good food Monday through Wednesday. Then Thursday you're going to get something that's convenient and maybe not necessarily super healthy for you. So the action for today is plan and organize. So you build momentum in a positive manner.

Remember, if a little bit of momentum is working against you and it's a little bit of a negative, do the one thing take one action that's 100 percent more than zero and attack move forward. So you start building momentum to your own strengths.


  • Learn to course correct if momentum is starting to work against you.
  • Take a new action to help build momentum for your goals.
  • Organization is crucial for your success.
  • Take 1 action, do the 1 thing, to start building momentum towards your goals.


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