The Ultimate Gear Checklist for All Your Trail Runs

The Ultimate Gear Checklist for All Your Trail Runs

Everyone is eager to get back out there right now. And thankfully, one of the safest ways you can do it is outdoors, on a trail. Just you, the rugged terrain, and the sound of your footsteps on the uneven earth. Of course, the obstacles take another shape on trail runs: There are tiring hills and unpredictable bumps. The Ultras, of course, take mega endurance. So you need to be prepared. As Spartans get ready to return to trail racing (check out our 2020/2021 schedule), we put together a full list of all the gear you’ll need to make your next trail expedition a success.

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The 7 Things You Need the Next Time You Go For a Trail Run

A Shoe That Can Handle the Terrain

Any old sneaker won't cut it when you're in the middle of the Andes in Patagonia. The Spartan by Altra King MT 2.0 trail running shoe is designed to grip the uneven ground beneath your feet and gives you that spring you need to strike through 50K.

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Hydration That Comes With You Wherever

When you're at an elevation of 5,800 meters in the Dolomites, you don't want to run out of water, that's for sure. The Spartan by Craft Hydrate Belt holds a bottle for whatever you need to keep you hydrated on the trails, and also includes a storage pouch for your other essentials.

A Lightweight Backpack That Keeps You Safe

Trails can be unpredictable, but one thing that is for sure: You need to be prepared for whatever they throw at you. That means wearing a light backpack with perks: The Spartan by Franklin Packable Backpack has reflective straps, and even a built-in whistle for safety.

An Odor-Resistant, Sweat-Wicking Headband

What could be more comfy than a headband made out of T-shirt fabric? JUNK's trail version keeps the sweat out of your eyes and repels smells with its special blend of moisture-wicking materials. Try to find a more badass headband. We dare you.

A Compression Sock That Stays Put

Trail runners know that the right socks can get you a literal leg up on the competition. In addition to being built with ergonomically-placed pressure points to support your circulation, our compression knee socks have cooling panels and actually stay in place.

A Singlet That Keeps You Cool

A regular old tank top won't cut it when you're on the trails in Lake Tahoe. Our Charge Singlet is made with Craft's high-tech, lightweight fabric and has a keyhole cut in the back to keep you well-ventilated.

Shorts That Move With You on the Course

Support in any way, shape, and form is helpful on the trails: The inner tights in our Pro Series 2-in-1 shorts give you that tight, compression fit so your muscles are supported; the outer shorts are stretchy and comfy to keep you cool on the course.

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