These 5 Anti-Chafing Products Help Avoid Irritation

These 5 Anti-Chafing Products Help Avoid Irritation
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Most runners experience this awful, irritating, and sometimes even painful part of training, (and no, we don't mean hill sprints or HIIT workouts). We're talking about chafing. That red hot, itchy, annoying friction between inner thighs, upper arms, or nipples on fabric, that only amplifies when you sweat. It’s unpleasant, and at its worst, can completely throw off your mental game. The good news? There's something you can do about it. We asked five of our favorite fitness pros for their go-to anti-chafing products to protect your skin and ensure your mind is focused where it needs to be — on beating your PR instead of bloody, raw underarms. Slather these anti-chafing products on your body's pain points to mitigate training damage and prevent irritation.

5 Best Anti-Chafing Products from Fitness Pros

1. Body Glide 

Favorite of Running Coach Keith Wallace

Founder and head coach for Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Wallace Running, a personal running coach service. 

My recommendation to avoid chafing is Body Glide. It has never failed me through 20 marathons and seven ultra marathons. Two of those ultra-marathons were 100 miles. The product is not greasy and easily washes off your body and out of your clothes," says Wallace. "The effectiveness is long-lasting. During marathons, I never have to reapply. Although, during ultras, I reapply sometimes as a cautionary to avoid chafing in the first place. I will use this product on my chest, groin area and inner thighs.” 

2. Original Bag Balm

Favorite of Running Coach Nita Sweeney 

Author of Depression Hates a Moving Target

“Having run three full marathons, 28 half marathons, and more than 100 shorter races, I'm sad to report that I, too, have screamed in the shower from undiscovered chafing," says Sweeney. She turns to Original Bag Balm — a thick salve originally formulated to soothe irritated dairy cows' udders. "I now slather it on all the chafe-prone skin areas before every run. It stays on even if I am rain-soaked or sweat-drenched. It also prevents blisters. If there's any chance my feet will get wet, I rub a thick layer on my feet and between my toes before I head out.”

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3. Brave Soldier Friction Zone

Favorite of Fitness Coach Robin Legat 

CSCS, NSCA-CPT, SGX L2 and Co-Owner/Head Coach at RISE UP TRAINING in Santa Monica, CA 

“I've been training for my first Spartan Ultra and experienced some truly unfortunate and uncomfortable chafing during my recent 20 plus mile training runs," says Legat. "A fellow coach suggested I try Brave Soldier Friction Zone to eliminate my chafing issues. I used it on my last training run — a 7-hour, 28-mile trail run — and as promised, I had no chafing problems whatsoever. The product is thick enough that it stays put when applied and can outlast hours of running in the heat. It comes in small packaging so I can carry it with me and reapply as needed or desired. It passed the test and is now a must-have item in my race day gear bag.”

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4. Pjur Active 

Favorite of Coach and Certified Fitness Instructor Krya Oliver 

Founder and CEO of y.o.u. (Your Own Utopia)

“I’m an ultra-runner and triathlete. I require anti-chafing products weekly during my long workouts and races. Without it, I can become very uncomfortable. When you're doing a 50K or 50-miler ultra trail race, chafing is the last thing you need to worry about--just getting through the miles is enough. Having the sting of sweat hit an area that has rubbed raw is a moment of frustration that can last for hours because once it's there, it doesn't go away until it heals. It is best to tackle it before it starts in those prone areas," says Oliver. "I like going as natural as possible when I can and that leads me to use an organic virgin coconut oil. I often use Pjur Active, and it will last me for several hours, but if I forget to apply it, I have a hack. I ALWAYS have a quality lip balm made of ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. These ingredients are my back up. I will rub a little in the areas needed and I can manage.“

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5. Megababe Thigh Rescue 

Favorite of Personal Trainer Rebekah Miller  

MS of Kinesiology, CSCS, NASM- CPT, RYT-200, and Precision Nutrition, Level 1-Certified, Founder of Iron Fit Performance

“This product helps to prevent chafing from occurring as well. Megababe Thigh Rescue is formulated with good-for-you ingredients, including aloe and antioxidant-rich vitamin E to soothe; pomegranate seed extract to protect, and grapeseed oil to hydrate. It is easy to apply and does not leave a residue upon use.“

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