Alyssa Hawley Rolls Into West Virginia

Alyssa Hawley Rolls Into West Virginia
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Alyssa Hawley has performed consistently this season in the US National Series. She has finished either on the podium of just off the podium in all five of the series races and even traveled to Morzine to compete in the European National Championship taking 4th place there. This taste of international competition could benefit Hawley come race time in West Virginia, if not on Spartan’s greatest stage in Lake Tahoe.

“Being one of the only athletes to travel overseas to another championship race early in the season, I think it gives me more confidence going into West Virginia and Lake Tahoe. For one, I have seen all sorts of talent so I kind of know where I stack up.”

According to Hawley, there was less pressure to perform in Europe but it was a good mental exercise to prepare her for putting it all on the line at the North American Championship and the World Championship.

Hawley even acknowledged her consistency. “I am very consistent at being consistent! It’s very telling for me to be able to take on any course and place in the top five.”

Ever since finding her stride at Palmerton in 2016, Hawley has finished in the top five of every major race she has competed in, including the Spartan Race World Championship (4th in 2016 and 3rd in 2017). Every now and then, this “consistently consistent” athlete turns in a special performance like the ones at Breckenridge in 2016 and in Seattle last year. With no special performances thus far in 2018, could Hawley be set to make a big splash in championship season?

“The championship races should be longer, heavier and harder and traditionally I have done best at those races that are more of a steady grind and obstacle-dependent.” Heavier carry obstacles play to Hawley’s strengths, but as of late, she has become a very skilled runner as well. Her athlete resume now boasts a few victories in local trail races near her home in Spokane, WA.

“I can only hope in trusting the process of what I have been doing that good things will continue to happen. I have been working on my running a lot this year and have a solid base, but now it’s time to get back into the old ‘heavy carry queen’ training aspect, while upping my running volume to be able to really be a threat for these two next championship races.”

Hawley credits her new coach, Mark Batres, and opening her own gym as giving her an edge this year. “I had been doing the same thing over and over all season and became stagnant by this time last year. This year, I have seen my fitness improve tremendously since January and I know I still have room to get better.”

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