Aligning Behaviors and Values | Spartan Mind Episode #5

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Spartan Mind Podcast #5: Aligning Behaviors and Values

Our values are a set of principles by which we choose to live our life. Values can not only help guide us towards what we want but they can also be used as a barometer for what truly matters to us. Sometimes, however, we lose sight of our values and find ourselves engaging in behaviors that are not in alignment with our values. This can not only create a general sense of discontent but can also lead to depression, anxiety, addiction, and other significant struggles. Evaluating whether or not our behaviors are in alignment with our values is a key step to ensuring that our integrity is intact and that we are being true to what matters to us.

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- Values: A set of principles by which you choose to live your life.  
- Evaluating whether or not your behaviors are in alignment with your values can help determine whether there may be internal conflict that is creating discontent.
- Follow these three steps to evaluate whether or not you are in alignment:
    1. Identify three values that matter most to you.
    2. Ask yourself: Are my behaviors aligned with my values?
    3. If your behaviors are not in alignment with your values, get curious about what may need to change and start to make some shifts.


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