Holiday Season Disrupt: Spartans Commit To Thousands of Burpees

Holiday Season Disrupt: Spartans Commit To Thousands of Burpees
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Spartans Disrupt the Holiday Season With a 30 Day Burpee Challenge

The best offense is a good defense, right? After Thanksgiving we put out the call to see who would be up for doing some burpees as a way to not get bogged down by too many calories and not enough calorie burning amidst the parties, get-togethers, travel, egg nog, cookies, etc. A holiday season 30 day burpee challenge.

Spartans answered from around around the USA and also around the world. Below are a selection of goals committed to as we knock out burpees on our way to the beginning of 2019--a running start, if you will.

A few comments to start things off with:

From Chris:

So, the whole family (5) is in on the challenge, and I think the youngest (6yrs) is schooling the rest of us.

"These are fun!"

From Daphne:

Peeps! I don’t know what it was today! I’m not sure if my pre work out was on point or Craig Weiner’s technique to keep my feet more apart made all the difference, but I just did my 15 burpees in 54 seconds!!! I’d been averaging over a minute until today! Woohooooo! This is so incredibly motivating and, like they say, it’s pretty hard stopping a train full of F-YESSSS! If you’re feeling down on yourself or you feel like you’re not improving, just keep showing up!!! The first 3 days were a 💩 show for me, but without them, I would not have had today!!! On to my regular LIFTING/HIIT work out now! LET’S KEEP GOING!!

From Amy:

Day 4, brought to you by the letter B. Back, biceps, burpees. 74 down, 926 to go. 100 pounds ago, I wouldn't have dreamed of posting this photo. Feeling so inspired by this group!

And I would be remiss in not sharing one of the images of chat dialogue that have been peppered into our Facebook group:

30 day burpee challenge comments

30 Day Burpee Challenge Goal Board

Burpees are a great preparation tool for Spartan Racing. This will help, too: The Spartan Obstacle Training Guide.

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