Spartan Up: Top 5 Podcasts of 2018

Spartan Up: Top 5 Podcasts of 2018

Our Top 5 Podcasts from Spartan Up in 2018

The flagship podcast for Spartan Race is Spartan Up, hosted by CEO and company founder Joe De Sena. Here are the top 5 podcasts from 2018:

Kristen Ulmer With Amelia Boone

Has fear been a problem in your life? Do you use terms like “overcome” or “suppress” in your relationship with fear? pioneering extreme skier Kristen Ulmer talks with guest host Amelia Boon about learning to love fear. They teach you a new way to relate to your own fear. Embrace it. If you want to live a full life of creativity, vitality, adventure and success, it’s what you must do. Most people don’t and fear manifests itself in the forms of anxiety, anger, boredom, and mental exhaustion. What can we do to transcend this suffering and live rich lives? Ulmer achieved great successes but equally potent anguish repressing her fear until she found a better way. Learn her methods in this life changing, podcast of the new year.

Katrin Davidsdottir

Two-time CrossFit world champion Icelandic born Katrin Daviosdottir is happiest when she is working. She loves work - whether making progress or failing then moving forward again. How has she achieved so much so young? The attitude and the mindset that nurtured throughout her life. Kristin’s secret may be that she has no secret at all. Her methods are straightforward and that they work so well is surely due to her indomitable consistency and drive.

Gabby Reece

Star volleyball player Gabby Reece’s is one half of a power couple with husband Laird Hamilton. The wisdom she’s gained as a public figure, a pro & Olympic athlete, a sports model, a mother, and as partner to an alpha guy like Laird Hamilton caused our podcast team to nickname her “Yoda.” Gabby has an unexpected message of accepting and nurturing people as they are and how they choose to define their objectives. She may have even shifted Joe’s paradigm, but we doubt it, yet there’s a good chance she’ll adjust yours. Although we would have loved interviewing her husband Laird too, serendipity had him rescuing Hawaiians from floods brought on by torrential rainfall and that meant we received “Yoda’s” wisdom uncut.

Wim Hof

The Ice Man, Wim Hof, is crazy for life. He embodies Spartan values: becoming comfortable being uncomfortable, changing your point of reference and finding your true north with passion. Not surprisingly, he shares Joe’s enthusiasm for cold showers, though he suggests to start with a 30 second one. His methods are unique even as his message is conventional, still it cannot be stressed enough: Nature is our ultimate mentor. If this is the first time you’re hearing Wim Hof’s theories, prepare for a rush.

Sal Di Stefano

Why do you work out? Why don’t you? How do you think about how much you eat? Mind Pump podcast host Sal Di Stefano challenges a lot of hardened conventions in the fitness world. He discovered the route he took to health as an insecure teenager was leading to disaster, but fortunately he had an epiphany when he reached adulthood that lead to paradigm shifts he describes in this episode.