Willpower is NOT Enough

Willpower is NOT Enough
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Define Willpower & Understand How it Works

In this podcast, Zach Even-Esh explains how came across a great book from fellow Spartan Up Friend, Joe Polish of The Genius Network. This book is Will Power Doesn’t Work. It made Zach rethink how self discipline can be taken to the next level and beyond by changing your environment. It started with how to define willpower.

Discipline equals freedom. Having grit. Being mentally tough. But what about willpower?The way people really succeed, it's more about the environment you choose to exist in rather than just gutting everything out. Polish makes the case in his book that willpower is a finite resource. If you get a good night's sleep you wake up with your willpower fully charged. But by the end of the day you're well of willpower is empty. So what can you do? You want be more conscious about your environment, Polish argues. What environments you choose to be in, who with, and what you do in them. By making smart changes to your daily environment you can create more energy and willpower mileage.

Change the environment, change the outcome. Choose to spend time with people who inspire you and you will have made a choice to have more energy, get more done and get more from your willpower.

Do you exercise alone? You might be able to train for and with more energy if you find the right gym with the right people.

Announce what you're going to do publicly: You won't want to let down friends and family down. You've made yourself accountable.

Think more about what you're doing and how you achieve your goals.

And then you know what you're going to want to do? Sign up for a Spartan Race. Or a 5k. Or join the right gym. You're going to make a decision to do something hard and then let the right people know what you're committing to.

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  • Change your environment to change your life.
  • Your environment can change by place and or people.
  • Surround yourself with other high achievers so you are never the smartest Person in the room
  • Publicly announce your goals so you are accountable to people that you don’t want to let down


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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Host & Show Notes:  Zach Even - Esh

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