Spartan Up! Podcast: How to Set and Achieve Audacious Goals

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Tyler Jack Harris set an insane goal: to sell almost three times the number of policies that a great salesperson would in one year. Then he did it — for three years straight. When 7 miles was the longest distance he had ever run, he took on two ultramarathons in one week. He completed both. He sets audacious goals and achieves them. WHY? Because he said he would. Simple as that.

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In this interview with Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena, he shares his ultimate sales technique — which happens to be a form of respect — and his goal-attacking process. He sets a goal, simplifies his target, creates an action plan, and goes forward full steam ahead, trampling over any excuse to accomplish the task. It’s your choice, he says: Honor excuses or honor your word. Be in service to others Spartans and get it done!

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Listen to the podcast in its entirety below and learn how to set, and achieve, audacious goals.

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