Here's What to Get Every Spartan on Your Gift List This Holiday Season

Here's What to Get Every Spartan on Your Gift List This Holiday Season
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If you run Spartan races, chances are high that you have an entire family and close group of friends that also love obstacle course racing. They work hard and grind all year long, they support you through the toughest times — especially when you want to quit on something hard — and perhaps best of all, they push you out of your comfort zone and never let you take the easy way out.

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Whether your Spartan tribe celebrates one, multiple, or no holidays this time of year, it's the perfect time to recognize and appreciate the warriors in your life that make sacrifices and go to bat for you every day. To help you get started on your holiday shopping, we've compiled a guide to some of the most badass items on every Spartan's unbreakable gift list. Plus, this December, you'll get unbeatable deals on all of these epic items. 

Spartan Race Christmas and Holiday Gifts for Every Spartan on Your List

Tees and Tanks

It might be cold in a lot of the U.S. by this time of year, but everyone knows that freezing temperatures don't stop a true Spartan. The unbreakable athletes will still be crushing it in the gym all winter long, working on building grip and pull strength and legs of absolute steel. Plus, our Southern Spartans still need something short-sleeve to grind out their outdoor runs in. (And let's be real, battle-hardened Northern Spartans probably wear their tanks out in the cold anyway.)

Race Gear

There's nothing worse than showing up to a Spartan race unprepared. A true obstacle course racer arrives on race day fully prepped. That means training-wise, nutrition-wise, AND gear-wise. The Spartans in your life will thank you when they have a place to stash all of their filthy clothes post race, gloves to protect their fatigued hands when obstacles like the Multi-Rig hold out until the later miles of a Beast, and cushioned compression socks to help stave off blisters — especially after a water crossing or Dunk Wall. 

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Hats are one of the most underrated racing accessories. They keep any rain, sweat, and mud out of your eyes; keep your hair out of your face; and look badass. Plus, there are plenty of venue-specific hat variants to snag for any Spartan's favorite place to race — or to commemorate a venue where they tried a more challenging race distance for the first time or smashed a personal goal.

Fleeces and Hoodies

When you race competitively, you're often showing up to the race course in the extremely early-morning hours of the day, which means two things: The conditions may be cold and foggy, and you get the first chance to make an impression on the competition. True Spartans show up repping their colors with pride. And, seasoned racers know how satisfying it is to change out of your sweaty, muddy, soaking wet race gear into a clean, warm fleece or hoodie. 

Cold-Weather Gear

The cold might not stop a Spartan, but it still doesn't hurt to be prepared. Whether the Spartan in your life is a trail warrior who's been running in the same windbreaker for over a decade or a gym rat who just needs something warm (and badass) to fight biting temperatures, we've got you covered. 

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Spartan Nutrition

Every body is different, but one thing can be said for certain about everyone: You will absolutely crash and burn without proper nutrition when race day arrives. Seasoned Spartans know that means preparing weeks (or even months) in advance to avoid gut rot, severe dehydration, and energy crashes so severe that no amount of mental fortitude can see you through. These plant-based, science-backed, sugar-free hydration and energy supplements are designed to help every Spartan maintain unbreakable stamina, eliminate cramps, and dominate their race. 

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