7 Daily Get Fit Fast Habits

7 Daily Get Fit Fast Habits
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This is Day 10 of the 31 Habits program.

Our bodies were built to move. The drive through, online groceries, the ability to have anything sent to your house in 2 days. To not walk up stairs but hop on an elevator. You may call it convenience, but I call it missed opportunities. But these are just some of the heavy hitters. It’s the small movements that can have the biggest impact for long term success. In order to reach the recommended 10,000 steps a day, or to just burn a few extra calories, start shifting your mindset to “how can I move more?”.

Here are a few I practice as often as I can:

  1. Do squats as your coffee brews
  2. Park as far away as you can at the office
  3. Always walk up stairs
  4. Set your alarm to do one bodyweight exercise every hour (example: 10 push ups)
  5. Take ½ of your lunch break and walk
  6. Walk around the house as you brush your teeth
  7. Do a 30-60 second plank before bed

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