Overcome Overgeneralizing | Spartan Mind #8

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When we overgeneralize, we tend to create statements and stories that are based on a single event rather than a reasonable amount of evidence. We take one instance and string it out, cutting out possible counter evidence and leaving us tethered to a single moment. Unfortunately, this can lead us to believe things about ourselves that just aren’t grounded in truth. We need to become more aware of when and where we are overgeneralizing and effortfully engage in thought processes that refute the faulty conclusion.

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  • Overgeneralizing occurs when we draw a faulty conclusion from a single event or instance.  
  • To combat overgeneralizing, develop intention around seeking out evidence that refutes the general story that you have drawn from that one experience.
  • Ask yourself, What is the truth? And then gathering all the evidence and your current experience in the present and see if the story still holds.


Production Team: Heather Knox, Knox Creative; Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Host: Dr. Lara Pence

Synopsis: Dr. Lara Pence

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