How to Turn Challenges into Triumph and Live Fearlessly and Authentically

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"Look for the gains, not the loss." That's what Kristin Smedley, author of Brilliantly Resilient and Thriving Blind, learned from her dad after doctors told her that her 4-month-old son was blind. She was devastated, but determined to ignore limits and give herself and her son a life of opportunity. On this episode of The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena, hear her story. 

On this episode of The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena podcast, self-proclaimed Philly – a city that "has grown up on grit," as she says – girl, Kristin Smedley shares how she tapped into creative problem-solving skills from her own athletic past to empower her son to navigate life fearlessly, despite being devoid of his sight.

It's perhaps no surprise that Smedley, whose Vietnam veteran father credited going off to the war with saving his life and providing him opportunity, has used all available tools and relentless advocacy to help her son thrive academically against all odds. Today, she inspires others through her nonprofit, proving disability is no barrier to success with the right mindset and support.

Listen to the podcast in its entirety below to hear Smedley's story, from the shock of her son's diagnosis to his graduation at the top of his class, and to learn to believe in limitless potential.

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