How to Recover From a Setback

How to Recover From a Setback
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Have you experienced a setback? Setbacks are part of the human experience. We all experience them and they often come in different forms—the setback can be physical, relational, emotional. Setbacks can offer lots of opportunities for growth but you’ve got to be open to seeing them in order to benefit. How we recover from a setback is often determined by our outlook and willingness to shift perspective.

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Setback Recovery: Key Lessons

  • Setbacks can offer opportunities for growth and change.
  • When you experience a setback, give yourself permission to reflect on what brought you there in the first place. Ask: How did I get there?
  • Allow a setback to give you space for pause so that you may benefit from slowing down and being still.
  • Remember that a setback gives you a chance to shift course and try something new.

Setbacks: We all have them. So if you're sitting there thinking: I'm the only one that has setbacks, it's not true, we've all got them.

Maybe it's an injury; let's say you get shin splints and you can't keep running, well then maybe you need to start using the bike. And you end up discovering you love riding a bike. Or if it's a job and let's say you get fired, maybe now it's giving you an opportunity to do that thing that you've always wanted to do, but haven't felt brave enough. Or if you have a breakup in a relationship, then it's about spending more time with friends or spending more time with family."

One door closes, another one opens. This is the idea.


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