A New Way to Live with Fear

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Has fear been a problem in your life? Do you use terms like “overcome” or “suppress” in your relationship with fear?

Pioneering extreme skier Kristen Ulmer talks with guest host Amelia Boon about learning to love fear. They teach you a new way to relate to your own fear. Embrace it. If you want to live a full life of creativity, vitality, adventure and success, it’s what you must do. Most people don’t and fear manifests itself in the forms of anxiety, anger, boredom, and mental exhaustion. What can we do to transcend this suffering and live rich lives?

Ulmer achieved great successes but equally potent anguish repressing her fear until she found a better way. Learn her methods in this life changing, podcast of the new year.


  1. Suffering equals discomfort x resistance.
  2. Feel your fear fully without trying to get rid of it.
  3. Your relationship with fear is the most important relationship of your life because it’s a relationship you have with yourself at your core.

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