From House Arrest to the NFL Pro Bowl | Brian Jennings

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From house arrest to the NFL pro bowl in seven years, retired 49er Brian Jennings transformed his life in dramatic fashion. Then, after thirteen years of football success, like all star athletes, he was forced to start over again. As Jenning describes, “athletes are the only people that die twice.” With a podcast, as an inspirational speaker, and through his work with veterans he has proved himself more than equal to the challenge. What, for Jennings, were the keys to finding his true north not once but twice? Listen, watch and learn.

Lessons: 1. To become irreplaceable, not only do you need to handle your business, you need to help the people around you. 2. Harness the “screw it” moment in your life, when you’ve realized your worst fear that in turn liberates you to ”go for it.” 3. The transitions in your life are times to take stock of the wisdom and skills - decide what to take with you and what to leave behind.

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