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Do you remember our earlier episode on how obstacles are opportunities? Well, if you’re stressed out, you likely have an obstacle standing in your way which is simply an opportunity in hiding! Does this sound familiar? You feel stressed out when you wake up in the morning. Or when you get to work. You're two or three hours into your day and you feel like you haven't made any progress. You don't have any traction and you're tarting to freak out.The solution: Get organized. This is how to reduce stress and boost productivity by learning a simply system for organizing your day and week.

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In this episode of Spartan Way, Zach offers several tactics to get organized and a simple secret that successful people everywhere. Apply it and you'll alleviate the stress and  increase performance. Zach also explains how he used this technique to not only improve his performance in a late night side-job, but also how he fit in 100 push-ups at 3 a.m.

When you are organized you put your success into hyper-speed.

The power of organization feels awesome. When you are organized you multiply your productivity. Get organized in this way and you'll immediately begin your day with actions that lead to accomplishments that lead to making it a productive day. This may not be normal—but what about being a Spartan is being normal? It's about being great.

Get Organized: Lessons

- How to multiply your success by being highly organized.
- How to structure your week ahead by organizing on a Sunday night.
- How to make each day count by choosing & organizing your top 3 daily goals

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    Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

    Host & Show Notes:  Zach Even - Esh

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