Improving Corporate Wellness: The Spartan Way

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Whether you're a team captain, an HR professional, or a C-level executive responsible for employee performance, we're here to help you innovate corporate wellness and culture the Spartan way. From our SpartanX Leadership series to 30-day fitness challenges, we've got you covered. Click here to get going!

In my opinion, the most significant challenge facing business today is not higher tariffs or the threat of inflation, it's the declining health of employees. And with the absence of government leadership, there is a major unmet need for improved private sector initiatives that offer easy-to-use and effective workplace fitness programs. That's why we're very excited to introduce our new SpartanFit Challenge App to corporate America. This new corporate wellness program incorporates everything we learned about staying healthy and fit over the past ten years from more than five million Spartans, all in one easy-to-use package for the workplace.

There has never been a better time to pay attention to corporate wellness. According to The New York Times, nearly four out of ten adults are obese. It is clear that this lack of fitness is causing a growing burden on our healthcare system with increasing hospital stays and mortality rates for diabetes, liver and heart disease.  Indeed, the annual budget for medical intervention is $327 billion, according to the American Diabetes Association, leading to a loss of $90 billion in reduced worker productivity. Overall, the total direct impact of obesity and its related complications are comparable to the Defense budget ($643 billion) and Medicare ($58 billion).

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Improving Corporate Wellness

Our wellness app allows employees to compete in company-wide 30-day health challenges, share their healthy habits and earn prizes. If you haven't taken advantage of this trend yet - our team-based challenges can help you live, eat, train like a spartan for 30 days and get your entire workplace moving! They are increasingly popular and everyone loves them.

Versus traditional corporate wellness programs, the SpartanFit Challenge App is an easy-to-use mobile option that integrates elements of personalization, social sharing, and gamification combined with hundreds of Spartan videos and tips on mind, body, and nutrition, carefully curated from years of learning. To develop the App, Spartan worked with Praktice Health, a corporate wellness company that has developed a highly engaging wellness platform based on the latest research on reinforcing healthy habits at work via a mobile application.

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We hope that every Spartan will take the time to review the SpartanFit Challenge App and bring it to the attention of your own company’s management and/or HR leadership for possible implementation.

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To focus additional attention on the overall wellness issue, we are also hosting our first Spartan CEO Corporate Wellness Roundtable, working in partnership with LEADERS Magazine, the premier management publication. The Roundtable will feature a cadre of global CEO’s and Human Resources executives offering perspectives and discussion on ways corporate America can improve employee health and fitness in the workplace, offering content that highlights the need and features best practices and other useful information that employers can use to implement their own wellness programs.  

As the world’s largest endurance company, Spartan is very proud to play a growing role in improving health and fitness for all. We urge you to join us in playing your part.

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