Charlie Rocket: From 300lb CEO To Athlete

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“CEO Charlie” was successful in business,  managing the artist  2 Chainz to a Grammy. But when he found himself overweight and seriously ill with a brain tumor, none of that so-called success mattered anymore. Charlie made a massive pivot from “CEO Charlie” to “Charlie Rocket!” Now in an honest, human and incredibly energetic and optimistic way Charlie Rocket is sharing his journey.  Everyone told him it was impossible, but he’s now a Nike-sponsored Athlete. Charlie Rocket is unstoppable, or as he says “I’m on a WINNING STREEAAAK!!” We recorded this interview in November, and Charlie’s been killing it since then.

Charlie Rocket: From 300-lb CEO to Nike Athlete

charlie rocket

 Charlie Rocket: Lessons

  • Call yourself the person you want to become
  • Believe it’s going to be easy, even through the hard parts
  • Train like an 8-year -old (full of fun!!)
  • Even water, if it’s still too long, begins to stink!
  • Walk your walk

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Charlie Rocket


0:00 Joe, Sefra. Col. Nye & Guest host retired Sgt. Major Frank Grippe introduce the episode

1:15 Tiger Balm Active intro

1:45 Interview begins with Charlie Rocket  

3:20 Why he became CEO Charlie

5:00 Why he became an athlete

6:45 How he got to work with Nike

9:00 Tiger Balm Active Break

10:15 31 Habits of Healthy Spartans: Who you are when no one else is looking

11:40 Back to Charlie Rocket and Joe Kettlebell (with Spartan Tea)

13:20 “The Life and Death of CEO Charlie”

14:50 What does it mean to train like an 8-year-old

17:10 Joe, Sefra. Col. Nye & Guest host retired Sgt. Major Frank Grippe discuss how to integrate Charlie Rockets lessons into your daily routine

22:35 Tiger Balm Active Close


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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Hosts: Joe De Sena, Colonel Nye & Sefra Alexandra, Guest host retired Sgt. Major Frank Grippe (Johnny Waite is producing Spartan Races in Asia )

Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra

Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty

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