Reconnect With Your True North: A Solution for Burnout

Reconnect With Your True North: A Solution for Burnout
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A Burnout Definition & How You've Gone Off Track

No matter how passionate you are about what you do, there will always be a time where you feel like you’ve hit a wall and need a break. The BIG reason I’ve seen others experience burnout (per the second burnout definition below) including myself, is oftentimes because we get busy looking at what others are doing and we lose our OWN True North!

The stress burnout definition where you may first need to get your health in order: There are surely lots of technical definitions related to stress and stress-related physical symptoms. Some commonsense applies: If you're irritable, not sleeping well, unable to concentrate, you may need to take a look in the mirror and have an honest conversation about what you're doing in your life and how you're doing it. If you're burning the midnight oil and fueling yourself with junk food and skipping sleep or exercise (or both) to get more work hours, it's time to go back to the drawing board and organize yourself so that you're fundamentally taking care of your health.

But in this particular area burnout definition—where you have wandered off track from who you really are and what you really want—the idea is to reconnect with what you really love and what your true abilities are.

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- Don’t waste time watching what others do
- Consider the burnout definition about where you're off-track. Focus on YOUR passion, not what others are passionate about
- Reconnect with your True North on the regular. Ask yourself WHY you started doing what you’re doing in the first place
- Focus on your Unique Ability as Dan Sullivan from Strategic Coach calls it. Your Unique Ability is your passion and will keep you fired up for the long term!


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