SPARTAN Resistance Loop - Extra Light

Power Systems


SPARTAN Resistance Loops are perfect for personal training and for use in fitness clubs and home gyms. Six resistance levels for any user, whether you are an experienced athlete or just beginning fitness training. Ideal for short, limited movements. Fits comfortably around the upper and lower legs and allows users to work the hip and leg muscles. 12" diameter.


  • Rehabilitation and those who have little or no exercise activity
  • Cost-effective and space-saving
  • Adaptable, suitable for all levels of exerciser
  • Comprehensive all-body exercise tool
  • Useful for a huge variety of exercises that target the legs, core, arms, and back
  • Sold as single unit
  • Comes with pamphlet detailing 6 resistance loop exercises
  • Color: Orange
  • 6 resistance levels

Resistance Level Color Resistance Range
Extra Light Orange 4-15 lbs 
Light Green 7-27 lbs
Medium Red 9-34 lbs
Heavy Blue 12-45 lbs
Extra Heavy Purple 18-71 lbs
Ultra Heavy Gray 22-85 lbs