SPARTAN Helmet Kettlebell



Add to your SPARTAN home gym with these brand new helmet kettlebells.  Helmet design is laser engraved into the kettlebell to make them unique to SPARTAN.  Durable cast iron construction that is ideal in frequent-use settings.  Available in the most commonly requested weights, making them suitable for a wide range of facilities and homes. Solid cast iron.  Sold individually.

  • Cast iron construction
  • Laser engraved SPARTAN helmet design
  • Sold as a single unit
  • Available in nine different sizes (5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 35lb, 40lb, and 50lb)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Handle too small!

I use it for door stopper! Can’t do anything with it. Very disappointed

Small handle

I agree with another review the handles are very small and are not comfortable. Will make a good door stop for the hot days.


I bought this for my daughter thinking that it would be a good starter kettle bell for her. She’s 6 and loves to work out with me. Unfortunately the handle on the 5lb kb is very small. She can’t get both hands inside of it. I can’t get one hand inside the handle. Looks more like a cute paper weight than a functional piece of equipment.

kids friendly handle but not for men

did give a bad rating but it won't show up, so here are full stars for the idea of useless Kettlebell that has way to tiny horns/handles. The footprint is too small as well and makes the 30lbs fall almost every time, when my kids perform carry or row exercises - as the tiny but weird flat shaped handle doesn't allow smooth handling when trying swings, on which my hand got stuck and could cause injuries!!! ... won't give one star for it actually

Cool design, minor flaw

I have to agree with the other reviewer who said the handles aren’t great. I picked up three of these bad boys. The height and width of the handles are short. Now, I do have a large hand but I’ve never encountered a small handle on kettles ranging 25-40lbs before. Outside of this, I feel that they were a great buy. They’re well made and a cool talking point.