The Trifecta

The Trifecta is the ultimate annual challenge. Every year, finisher medals come with a special magnetic wedge that fits with others. Those strong enough to collect the wedges from a Sprint, Super and Beast will create a coveted medal, the Trifecta.

Why Earn A Trifecta?

Every 12 months the Trifecta year resets. New and returning Spartans alike can push themselves to complete all the core Spartan OCR disciplines, from 5K Sprint to half marathon Beast. Rarer Trifectas also exist; Sprint may be replaced with Stadion, and Beast with Ultra.
Around the world you’ll find special weekends where it’s possible to earn a Trifecta in a single weekend. This is a great time to meet people and take on a real challenge together. In 2021, a range of highly coveted medals will be released as part of new Trifecta Shield Weekends at select venues.
Everyone who earns a Trifecta qualifies for the next Trifecta World Championship, held each November in Sparta, Greece. Click 'Learn More' for more info.
A small but growing group of Spartans are dedicated to testing their limits, and beyond. These battle-hardened athletes strive to earn more than one Trifecta, with some earning 3x, 5x, and even 20x in 12 months. Special swag awaits those who take on this feat...
Each year, new inductees are welcomed by a special ceremony at the Trifecta World Championship that recognizes those who have added to their “lifetime” Trifecta count. A huge array of awards are given out, and those who reach 50x and more have their names written down in history on the Trifecta Wall of Fame in the city centre of Sparta.
Trifecta wedges can be displayed with special holders and plates. Check out our commemorative collection.

The Trifecta Pass

In 2021, this pass gets you entry to a Sprint or Stadion, Super, and Beast for one great price. All Trifecta Pass holders also get exclusive apparel, a free spectator pass, and a range of other perks. Click below for more info.


2021 Trifecta World Championship At Sparta

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