Make up for lost time with a new challenge.
Pick a date, team up with friends, and get outside
with the world’s most popular obstacle race.


The Sprint is a classic introduction to obstacle racing. This five kilometer race combines relatively easy trail running with 20 fun and exciting obstacles like wall climbs, the barbed wire crawl, monkey bars, spear throw, fire jump and more.

On the race course, you’ll find friends, coworkers, teams and individual athletes of all fitness levels pushing their limits over off-road terrain featuring water and mud. The Sprint is a true fan favorite that Spartans revisit for year after year.

The Stadion is a modern take on an explosive race born almost 3,000 years ago at the first Olympic games. It sends competitors on a five kilometer course through iconic pro sports arenas packed with 20 obstacles.

You won’t find mud or off-road terrain at a Stadion, but you’ll find just as much adrenaline and excitement as you race where your favorite pro sports teams play.

The Super is a 10 kilometer adrenaline-packed combination of athleticism, strength and fun. These off-road races take place in incredible locations around the world and add five Super-specific obstacles to the classic challenges you’ll see at our 5km races.

If you’ve completed a Spartan Sprint or are comfortable running 10km or more on road, then you’re ready to take on a challenging, fulfilling Super.

The Beast is the ultimate Spartan test; a soul-crushing half marathon with 30 obstacles, five of which you won’t find at any of our shorter races. You will rarely find a Beast on flat ground, so be ready to fight through burning legs on brutal ascents and descents.

Known around the world for its difficulty, the Beast challenges your mind just as much as it tests your body. You will doubt yourself, but the euphoria at the finish line makes it all worth it.

The Trifecta is the ultimate annual Spartan challenge — a complete mind and body transformation that commits you to three race distances in a single year.

Finish a 5km Sprint, 10km Super and 21km Beast and you’ll not only earn the most-coveted medal in OCR, you’ll gain entry to an unbreakable community of fellow Trifecta athletes.

Classic trail running without the obstacles. Spartan Trail events send competitors up and down the world’s most beautiful trails. Distances include 10km, Night 10km, 21km and 50km.

Each year attracts runners new to the sport along with elite athletes who compete in the Spartan Trail World Championship: a multi-stop tour of trail running’s most prestigious events, including Transgrancanaria, Patagonia Run, Lavaredo Ultra Trail, Ultra Pirineu & more.


Not only is it more fun to race with a team, you can save money with referral codes and group discounts.


- Michael, San Jose