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Trifecta '22

Three Races. One Transformation.


3 race entry codes, each valid for 1 2022 Spartan Kids Event.

Discounts for each additional pass up to 3 passes.


Season '22

Unlimited Races


Unlimited U.S. Kids Racing in 2022, any heat type.

$30 merch credit.


Spartan Kids

the experience

With your Race Pass you’ll gain access to events across the US. The ‘22 Race Season features 40+ destinations across the US.

Kids can race different distances with progressively harder obstacles, and while it’s all about fun, they’ll also gain grit and mental toughness too.

3 Course Types for Kids of All Ages (4-13 Years Old):

  • Ages 4-6: 1/2 Mile (800KM) 8-10 Obstacles
  • Ages 7-9: 1 Mile (1.6KM) 6-8 Obstacles
  • Ages 10-14: 2 Miles (3.2KM) 1-0-12 Obstacles
All kids finishers get to take home special Spartan Kids swag, and proudly show their family and friends what they earned out on course. 10 to 13 year olds racing ‘Competitive’ earn special medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and merchandise vouchers.

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