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What is SPARTAN X?

SPARTAN X™ The Course is an educational program driven by Spartan principles. It is the result of over 1,000 interviews with psychologists, sociologists, monks, priests, educators, athletes, community leaders and business innovators gathering data as to what it takes to achieve success.

What we learned is that there is a secret to success. People who commit – those who follow through with their goals, exhibit grit, and delay gratification – are more likely to be successful in life.

This curriculum and its 10 modules will help you get to the finish line. It’s going to be hard, but those that get through the 30 days (or however long it takes you) will have an owner’s manual for life. It will be your blueprint for when things get tough.

Each module has a video component, online reading, offline challenges and online questions triggering transformation that all can be logged into a Battle Book™, the ultimate artifact of your SPARTAN X™ experience.

Whether you are a student, business owner, sales manager, athlete, or individual, these SPARTAN X™ tools are the keys to getting the most out of the moments when resistance and discomfort seem to be everywhere.

For those hesitant about running a Spartan Race, the mental aspect is as important as the physical. This is good place to start. Most importantly, for those who complete the challenge, the obstacle course of life will become more tolerable by putting these modules into action daily.

Finish this program and have a better life.

Sign up for SPARTAN X™ The Course via your personal computer. After you sign up, you can take the course on your PC or your mobile device. Any relatively up-to-date technology will do.

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Here is a sampling of what you will learn:

MODULE 1: Finding Your True North

At the beginning of this program, you will learn to define your values and your beliefs. Values are the targets in life, beliefs are the arrows. This is going to be the GPS in your life that guides you.

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MODULE 2: Making a commitment

The level of commitment you make is directly correlated to whether or not you’re going to be successful. When you’re going through this program, you’re going to want to quit but if you are committed and honest you’ll get it done.

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MODULE 3: Fuel your enthusiasm

What is ambition and motivation? How do you get motivated? It starts with just getting started and continues with little wins and staying passionate.

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MODULE 4: Delay gratification

Delayed gratification is putting off things that you want now, so you can have success later. That’s what you have to do in life. You have to put in the work.

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MODULE 5: Maximize your time

It’s important to realize that there is nothing more precious than your time. After all, time is something you can’t get back. It’s important to be as productive as possible with the time you have.

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MODULE 6: Get gritty

Grit is the ability to stay motivated and passionate even when things aren’t going your way or you haven’t seen success. You need to stay gritty and get it done.

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MODULE 7: Attack adversity

Adversity is inevitable. If you start waking up and visualizing yourself as a machine, you will become unstoppable. Only then will you start to achieve goals and will life become easy.

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MODULE 8: Adjust your frame of reference

You can still achieve goals even when you face setbacks in life. Years ago we had a tremendous tolerance for discomfort and very low expectations. Now it’s reversed -- we have high expectations and a low tolerance for discomfort. You must change your frame of reference and only then will roadblocks become just minor setbacks.

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MODULE 9: Be honorable

Everyone wants to be remembered as an honorable person. How do you do that? It’s simple – you have to live a purposeful, meaningful, quality life. You must remain true to yourself, and true to your friends.

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MODULE 10: I Am Spartan

Once you reach this module you will have the tools to do what it takes to get through life successfully.

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