Spartan SGX Combine

Spartan SGX Combine

Spartan Race is one of the most rapidly growing sports in history. Over the past five years, many of the world’s most fit and versatile athletes have found their niche in Spartan Race, the sport that truly defines what it means to be the ultimate human athlete. In an effort to support our growth, our athletes’ progress, and to improve our understanding of what makes a top Spartan athlete, Spartan Race launched the Spartan Combine in 2015.

The two Combines held thus far, in Temecula, CA and Palmerton, PA, were action-packed demonstrations of fierce physicality, human athleticism and mental fortitude and proved that our suspicions were right. Now, the next step, is elevating the Spartan Combine to a new level.

Learn all about the 2015 Combine events and our plans for 2016 here.

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