Gyms and Coaches

Gyms and Coaches

Spartan Training: Building Better Humans

SGX is Spartan’s official training program.

Nearly anyone can finish a Spartan Race. Including you. And our Spartan SGX functional fitness program is a great way to prepare. Whether you have just discovered the athlete within, or are an established competitor, SGX can give you the physical and mental capacity to take on whatever challenges are thrown your way, on and off the course.

The body weight-focused workouts are varied, novel and typically conducted in a group. In an SGX class, you bend, crawl, carry, climb, hang, jump, lift, lunge, pull, push, run, sprint, squat and twist… exactly what your body has been designed to do for over millions of years.

Spartan Strong: Push Harder and Unleash the Spartan in You.

Coming to a gym near you: In Spartan’s new group fitness class, Spartan Strong, you will conquer physical and mental challenges in a group workout inspired by Spartan Race. Increase your strength, endurance, and mobility in this class with an innovative combination of resistance training, bodyweight moves, dynamic stretching and cardio-focused drills.

If your favorite group fitness instructor is not Spartan Strong, encourage them to get trained to teach the class!

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Locate a Spartan SGX group training class or Spartan Strong group fitness class near you. If you have a favorite trainer who is not "Spartan approved," ask them to get certified. Or better yet, tell them.

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