#MondayMinute: the Farmer’s Carry

This blog is based on Joe Di Stefano’s #MondayMinute video above.

Ask any Spartan the number one physical skill needed to complete a Spartan Race, and the Spartan will say grip strength. From climbing walls to maintaining your position on the Z-wall to climbing ropes to swinging on monkey bars, you will get plenty of “hang” time in a Spartan Race. Often, the strength of your forearms is the only force keeping you from becoming 30 burpees wiser.

One of the best exercises you can do to build the grip of a champion is the farmer’s carry. It’s as simple as picking up two dumbbells of equal weight (or a pair of identical, easily graspable heavy objects you find in the woods) and walking forward.

How to perform a farmer’s carry:

  • Stand between weights.
  • Bend to pick up weights.
  • Stand up by driving through heels.
  • Walk with your back straight, and your head up, as fast as possible.

The muscular benefits of a farmer’s carry:

  • Grip strength (forearms)
  • Core strength (including lumbar spine)
  • Leg strength (glutes, quads, hamstrings)
  • Trapezius (upper shoulder) strength

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