When you find something that has changed your life, you want to share it with the world. Especially with your friends, family and coworkers. Now, Spartan is rewarding you for pulling your squad off the couch and getting them to a race.

In order to earn a free race, you must get three people to sign up using your custom link. Simply fill out the Refer A Friend Form above to send an email to all your comrades. When three people sign up for a race with your unique link, we’ll send a free race coupon to your inbox. The more you share, the more races you’ll rack up.

Plus, when you use the form to email your friends your referral link, they’ll receive a race discount. Start sharing your passion!


The reward you’ll get for referring your friends is almost as good as watching them transform their lives.

On top of all the memories and adventures you’ll share with your new racing partners, you’ll receive a free race coupon. Use this code to register for the Open category of any U.S. Stadion, Sprint, Super or Beast. All you have to pay for is the mandatory racer insurance and fees.

By welcoming more people into the Spartan community, you’re helping us reach our goal of pulling 100 million people off the couch. Let’s create healthier, more resilient humans together.


Because someone you know needs this nudge right now. They need the motivation to stay consistent with workouts and healthy eating. Help them by being an accountability partner and putting a race date on their calendar.

And hey, it’s a mutually beneficial exchange. Your friends, family members and coworkers get a race discount and a transformative experience, and you get free races. Spread your passion and it will come back to you.