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The Sprint might be on the shorter side, but don’t let it’s length fool you. What this 3 mile, 20 obstacle course lacks in distance, it makes up for in action. Conquer a wide variety of obstacles, from climbs to carrys to the spear throw.

This course is perfect for Spartan newcomers, as well as seasoned vets looking to beat their last finish time. Plus, it’s a great way to start earning your Trifecta. Complete 1 Sprint or Stadion, 1 Super and 1 Beast in a calendar year to join the Trifecta Tribe.

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The word comes from the ancient Greek running event that took place in a stadium-like building called the Stadion. This 3 mile, 20 obstacle course runs through some of the most celebrated baseball parks, football stadiums and soccer arenas.

The Stadion is the perfect entrance into Spartan racing for newbies. There’s no mud, so you can focus on the obstacles without the added element of mother nature. Spartan pros love this course because it’s quick and exhilarating, with fans cheering you on from the bleachers.

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The Super is Spartan’s mid-distance race, but there’s nothing middling about it. This 8 mile, 25 obstacle course is the best mix of distance and speed. The Super is designed to be a graduation from the 3-mile Sprint/Stadion and preparation for the 13-mile Beast.

Conquering a Super is a big accomplishment and racers will have to work for the cool blue Finisher Shirt and Medal. From classic obstacles like the spear throw to new challenges like the Helix, get ready to face a surprise around every turn.

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Want to run a half-marathon? How about one where you’re covered in mud and conquering obstacles? Meet the Beast.

At 13 miles and 30 obstacles, the Beast has rightfully earned its name. This course isn’t just a test of strength: it’s a test of will. A difficult distance, challenging terrain and plenty of surprising obstacles await. Spartans will have to push beyond their limits to reach the Beast finish line.

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The Hurricane Heat, or “HH” as it’s abbreviated, was born in 2011 in the heart of Hurricane Irene and has grown into a popular team-building event that teaches camaraderie by pushing people to their limits under challenging conditions.

As you scroll through the pictures, you see scenes of people carrying logs or large tires together. Most look like they’ve just crawled out of a ditch or a lake. Truth be told, they probably have. There is no set distance for the HH, just a block of time. Choose from the 4-hour or 12-hour HH. Are you intrigued?

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What’s stopping you? Buy the pass and commit to running the 3-mile, 8-mile, and 13-mile distance this year. Join the Trifecta Tribe.

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