Strength invites challenge. Challenge incites competition. Competition breeds champions. Watch live stream.

The path to Spartan glory is full of grit, sweat, and accomplishment. Do you have what it takes?

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The World Championship Returns to Lake Tahoe in 2017

The Spartan Race World Championship is the preeminent event of the obstacle racing season. This Championship Beast race takes place on September 30, 2017, and is hosted at one of the most challenging courses in the world, Squaw Valley at Lake Tahoe. Every racer that reaches the start line has earned the right to compete. Competitive and open class racers are still able to run the course, but to be eligible to compete in the World Championship Prize Money Elite heat, racers must earn a coin.

How to Earn a Coin:

US & Canada: Top 5 male and female athletes in all Elite heats from January 1 – September 24, 2017. If top 5 finishers have already qualified, a roll down to the next applicable racer will take place.

Races Outside of the US & Canada: Top 10 male and female athletes in all Elite heats from January 1 – September 24, 2017 (no roll down).


Friday, September 29, 2017 – Apella Roundtable

Ignite your inner fire with a panel discussion, including Q&A’s, with some of the best minds in obstacle course racing

No Time to Relax

The true test of Spartan endurance lies in a racer’s ability to slog mile after mile across treacherous terrain, battling themselves, the other racers, and Mother Nature herself. Beast races are sufferfests by nature, designed to break even the most hardened Spartan. They cater to those whose strength lies in the world of endurance.

Do you have what it takes to conquer the Euro Sprint and Super Series?

Sprint Series Schedule

4/1: Veszprem (Hungary)

4/8: Krakow (Poland)

5/13: Nitra (Slovakia)

8/19: Litovel (Czech Republic)

9/16: Poznan (Poland)

Super Series Schedule

4/29: Kouty (Czech)

6/17: Kazincbarcika (Hungary)

7/1: Trojmiasto (Poland)

7/16: Valcianska (Slovakia)

7/30: Krynica (Poland)

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