Trifecta Gear: Take Pride in Being a Member of the Tribe

By: Holly Joy Berkey

It seems as though just yesterday we kicked off the 2015 racing season, eager to welcome the thousands of obstacle racing fans who have been training tirelessly for the opportunity to take on a Reebok Spartan Race. Yet what delights us most is seeing the many racers who commit to earning their Trifecta. Trifecta seekers are dedicated to finishing a Sprint, Super, and Beast so they can complete their collection and earn the pride of being a member of the Trifecta Tribe.

At Spartan Race, we understand what an incredible accomplishment it is to earn the Trifecta, so we’ve created a line of merchandise just for those who’ve earned the right to show off this great achievement. We’d like to highlight a few of our favorite Trifecta items, and we look forward to seeing many of you sport these items with pride!

1. Trifecta Tray

Forged from SPARTAN steel this heavy duty medal display seamlessly fits your Trifecta medals, and shows off your Spartan Race accomplishments with style.

2. Trifecta Jacket

Celebrate your success and inclusion in the Trifecta Tribe with the 2015 Trifecta jacket. Your fellow Spartans will see your dedication and be motivated to match it!

3. Trifecta Performance Tee

From coast to coast, Spartans are banding together to share their Spartan story. Show the world your colors with the Trifecta Performance tee. Made with PlayDry technology so you can run, jump, climb and conquer – no sweat.

4. Trifecta Para Cord Bracelet

Introducing the only bracelet that’s just as Spartan tough as you are. The heavy duty paracord bracelet is created in TRIFECTA colors and includes a brushed nickel shield. Adjustable up to 9.25 inches.

5. Spartan Race Medal Rack

Commemorate your accomplishments with the official Spartan Race Medal Display Rack, a piece nearly as impressive as earning your Trifecta!

  • Hand made in the USA
  • Full reclaimed wooden construction
  • Hand cast nails