Join the Trifecta Tribe

Conquer the Spartan Sprint, Super and Beast in one calendar year to complete your TRIFECTA. It’s a fact that commitment holds us accountable. Accountable to train, eat and think like a Spartan. Commit to the TRIFECTA and push your mind, body and spirit to achieve the strongest, fastest and most resilient version of yourself.

It’s now or never, push harder.

5 Reasons To Join The Spartan TRIFECTA Tribe

  1. You’ll do things you never thought you could do.
  2. You’ll earn respect. Because you don’t get TRIFECTA for “trying”.
  3. It will force you to get stronger and run faster.
  4. Instead of looking back on life and wishing you had the guts to do a TRIFECTA, you get to look at all your medals.
  5. You’ll travel and make tons of new friends.

*Note: A stadium race counts as a “Sprint” toward your TRIFECTA
*Note: Ultra counts as a “Beast” toward your TRIFECTA

Earn your TRIFECTA and be one step closer to your Delta