Spartan Spotlight: Rose Marie Jarry

Spartan Spotlight: Rose Marie Jarry

By Maurya Scanlon

Historically, Spartan women were quite possibly the toughest women on the planet.  After all, it takes a warrior to raise one.  Today, that tough, fighting spirit still drives women to achieve amazing feats.  Rose Marie Jarry has used the strength and courage characteristic of a Spartan woman not only on our courses but also in her business-life.  I recently had the pleasure of conversing with this amazing woman: the founder of Kronobar.

Jarry has been an athlete almost her entire life.  “For many years I competed nationally in Track and Field running the 400m and 800m. Competition also gives me an excuse to take care of my body; I only eat healthy… It keeps me feeling young!” she shared.  That competitive spirit and passion for health and fitness carried over into her adult life and are what inspired her to train for and race Spartan Races.  She has “[run] about 11 Spartan Races to date! And [she’s] completed the Spartan trifecta: the sprint, the super and the beast.”  It’s no surprise that someone so active and dedicated to racing and being fit would create a product geared towards athletes.

Jarry, an artistic woman with a passion for flavor, studied “gastronomy at a well-known school in Montreal.”  It’s no surprise, then, that Kronobar started out in her own kitchen.  “At first I just wanted to make a nutritious snack for my own training…I needed something tasty and healthy, but couldn’t find anything on the market that satisfied me.” At that, Jarry decided to make her own recovery snacks.  “I made a few flavors and gave some to my friends, who asked if I could make more. It was once several gyms and sports shops in the area started asking for bars that I realized I had something special.”  Kronobar took off from there!  I asked her if she noticed any similarities in her attitudes towards business and racing.  She replied, “What I love about racing is that you keep pushing your limits and realizing that you’re capable of way more than you expected. When I apply that same mentality to my company, good things tend to happen.”  Good things like awesome partnerships!

Kronobar became a partner with Spartan Race when it sponsored the second ever race in Mont-Tremblant.  Jarry explained, “It was a total success, so we’ve been partners ever since! ..But to be honest, it wasn’t a business decision to partner-up. It was mostly that I wanted to run (and win) the race; which I did. And then I caught Spartan fever!”  We can’t blame her!  The partnership continues providing opportunities for racers such as the “Krono challenge” for all the Canadian Spartan Races.”  This challenge, she explained, is another way for her to race.  “Any female competitor who beats me will get free Kronobars and a bunch of other prizes. We also have a guy running on the Krono team, so if any male competitor beats him, they’re also eligible for the prizes.”  She added with a little laugh, “Last year no one beat me, so I’m hoping for more competition this year!”

That sounds like a challenge to me, Spartans!  I encourage each of you to take the opportunity to be a part of the Krono Challenge in the Canadian 2012 season.  Jarry and her team will challenge you to have the race of your life, after which you can indulge on a delicious Kronobar!