Spartan Race Inverted Walls Tutorial

Spartan Pro Team elite member Isiah Vidal explains and shows what you need to do in order to beat the inverted wall.

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Inverted Wall

Percentage that Burpee: 29%

Skills needed:

  1. Tenacity
  2. Athleticism
  3. Strength
  4. Minimal movement limitations/flexibility problems.

Muscles worked:

  1. Hips
  2. Biceps
  3. Triceps
  4. Pecs
  5. Core
  6. Hamstrings
  7. Lats, rhomboids, scapular stabilizers
  8. Wrist flexors and fingers

Most Important Exercises:

  1. Dips
  2. Pull Ups
  3. Body Rows
  4. Knee to Elbow Push Ups or Mountain Climbers
  5. Warrior or Triangle Pose (Yoga)
  6. Crow Pose (Yoga)

Tips for Success:

Similarly to the wall climb, you must include plenty of pull-ups and dips in your training to ensure you are strong enough with your own bodyweight to complete the obstacle. During the inverted wall climb, your hips need to be even more mobile than they do on the standard wall climb and you must be strong in those highly mobile positions to get over top of the wall. To practice the general skills of climbing walls, practice climbing out of swimming pools attempting to bias the upper body and lower body separately to identify your weaknesses and improve them.