AGOGE 005 June 2nd 2017 Gear List

AGOGE 005 June 2nd 2017 Gear List

• 1 Backpack/Rucksack capable of carrying all items listed below plus additional items assigned to you during the event WITH NO ITEMS HANGING ON THE OUTSIDE.

Suggest pack with hip belt and sternum strap.


• Must be devoid of any military, or military looking morale patches.

• 1 Headlamp – with 1 set of spare batteries.
• 1 Backup Flashlight – Can be a small handheld or head mounted.
• 1 Waterproof Bag – 35L minimum (used as pack liner). An additional 50 gallon Contractor Grade trash bag can be substituted here.
• Hydration Kit – capable of holding 2.5L (85 oz). Hard or soft bottles or a bladder, or combination.
• Water filtration pump, LifeStraw, bladder filter or purification tablets (unopened in bottle) for purifying your drinking water.
• 1 Spoon/Spork.
• 1 each small cup or bowl.
• 25 feet of 1 inch Mil Spec tubular webbing.
• 100’ of 550 Para cord.
• 1 locking carabiner suitable for climbing use.
• 3 Chemlight / glow sticks.
• 1 Roll Toilet Paper.
• Hand Sanitizer – 1oz / 30ml.
• 1 Navigation Compass.
• 1 Mobile Phone – in waterproof bag, fully charged. For emergency use only. (Emergencies will NOT include navigation exercises and unauthorized use could create disqualification).
• 1 Emergency Whistle
• 1 sharpie marker
• 1 roll of duct tape (can be a short or compact roll)
• 1 Small Knife / Multi-tool
• 1 FireSteel
• 3 Each 50 Gallon Trash or LEAF Bags MUST BE STURDY AND TOUGH
• 1 Each 2 Gallon sealable (Ziploc style) Bag
• 1 inch x 1 inch x 12 inch length of pine wood. (These are rough measurements).
• One writing implement (other than the sharpie already on the list).
• 1x $1 dollar bill.
• 1 wood splitting tool
• SASE envelope
• 3 sheets of writing paper.
• 1 facecloth/washcloth

• 1 Pair mid or ankle high Trail runners or Boots – Suitable for running on steep and technical terrain. Must offer stable foot and arch support for your body weight, plus pack and other burdens. *LOW TOP TRAIL RUNNING OR ATHLETIC SHOES ARE NOT HEAVY ENOUGH
2 EXTRA pairs of socks – synthetic or wool NO COTTON
• 1 Athletic Top – Wicking and quick dry NO COTTON
• 1 Long Sleeve Warmth Layer – Fleece or down jacket
• 1 Waterproof Jacket – shell layer for rain and wind
• 2 Pairs Shorts / Pants / Tights – One pair must cover your legs fully
• 1 Pair Gloves – for work and for warmth; tactile and tough
• 1 Warm Hat or Beanie – synthetic or wool

* Note – any timepieces worn must not contain any tracking or navigation capabilities.

Sleep System
• 1 Sleeping Bag – minimum 32 degree F rating
• 1 Emergency bivvy bag – A survival blanket is not acceptable
• 1 Each Tarp – sized 8X8 minimum, recommend blue or green type

First Aid
• 1 Medical Kit – 10 alcohol wipes, 1 Compression Bandage, 1 roll of paper tape, 5 Band-Aids, 5 safety pins.
• Pain Relief Medication – Tylenol/Paracetamol/Acetaminophen preferred over anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen. Needs to be in unopened small dose packs.
• All meds need to be accompanied by the prescription.
• Keep a small list of any prescribed medications on you at all times.

Required Food
• Salt Tablets – minimum of 60 hours supply.
• Minimum of 6000 calories for the event.
• MRE packets only. No dehydrated food.

Banned Substances
• No Caffeine Pills, Tablets, or similar.
• No Added Caffeine. Period.
• No Energy Shots, GUs, Gels, Jelly Beans, etc.
• No Protein Powders.
• No Electrolytes of any kind.
• Stove or Cooking Device – suitable for hiking/mountaineering etc.
• Sleeping Mat or Pad

In addition to the gear above, you may be assigned to carry group or event supplied items. We will conduct a Show-Down inspection of all gear upon your arrival at the Spartan Agoge. You will be turned away from the event if you do not come adequately prepared. This is for your own safety.

Don’t waste your time and money on flights if you’re going to show up unprepared. WE ARE NOT KIDDING! Don’t waste your time and money on flights if you’re going to show up unprepared. WE ARE NOT KIDDING (Yes, we said that twice)!

In addition to the above gear, each attendee must master the following mandatory skills:
Each attendee must be able to competently navigate long distances by compass in a foreign country.

Each attendee must be able to proficiently tie these 3 knots under duress & in the dark:
1. Double Fisherman
2. Pass through Figure 8
3. Clove hitch