2017 Spartan Agoge Winter Gear List

2017 Spartan Agoge Winter Gear List

UPDATED 1/6/2017


• 1 Backpack/Rucksack capable of carrying all items listed below plus additional items assigned to you during the event WITH NO ITEMS HANGING ON THE OUTSIDE UNLESS SPECIFICALLY MENTIONED.
Suggest pack with hip belt and sternum strap.


• 1 Each Headlamp – with spare batteries
• 1 Each Spoon/Spork
• 1 Each magnesium with flint Fire Starting Kit – homemade or commercial type. (no matches or lighter)
• 2 Each Wide Mouth Nalgene Water Bottles
• 1 Pair Trekking Poles MUST HAVE SNOW BASKETS. (this item can be carried outside the pack)
• 100’ of 550 Paracord
• 25’ of 1” Mil-Spec Webbing
• 1 Each Knife or Multi-tool. You may NOT carry both.
• 1 Stove, for making water from snow – Recommend MSR, XGK or equivalent white gas stove. Include stove pot (capable of containing at least 2 quarts of water) with lid. Note: compressed gas stoves do not function reliably in sub zero temperatures.
• Fuel for stove. Must be in approved container and enough to boil 8-10 quarts of water.
• 1 Pair Snowshoes – Recommend MSR Denali or Evo type or equivalent. (this item can be carried outside the pack) • 1 Set of Kahtoola Micro Spikes or similar.
• 1 Each Tarp – sized 8X8 minimum – recommend blue or green type
• 1 Each Compass with adjustable declination capabilities.
• 1 Each Black Sharpie
• 2 Each Wet Nap Hygiene wipe packets.
• 1 Each Roll of Toilet paper in re-sealable ziplock bag.
• 4 Each Chem-light
• 6 Each Gallon Size Zip Lock Bags
• 1 Each 50 Gallon Trash Bag
• 1 Each Barometric Altimeter: any type that you can carry, registered in feet, not meters. Must not be attached to a device with navigation capabilities.
• 1 Each emergency whistle.
• 1 Each small roll of duct tape. Min 25 feet long.


• 1 Pair Boots – suitable for use in below zero temperatures, recommend that boots have a removable liner for drying (bring 2 pairs of boots if you do not have removable liners).
• 4 Pairs Socks, 4 pair, synthetic or wool with 4 pair sock liners
• 1 Each beanie cap, wool or synthetic
• 1 Each Balaclava – Should cover the head, face and neck
• 1 Snow Goggles – May substitute sport glasses or prescription-type.
• 1 Set Base Layer, Top and Bottom – No Cotton
– 1 Set Warmth Layer – Top and Bottom – No Cotton
– 1 Set Insulation Layer – Top and Bottom – recommend Primaloft insulation
– 1 Set Shell Layer – Top and Bottom, Water and Wind Resistant
– 2 Pairs of hand coverings. Can be Gloves or Mittens or a combination of both – recommend with removable glove
liners. Must be suitable for sub zero winter conditions.

Sleep System

– 1 Sleeping bag minimum 10 degree Fahrenheit rating, recommend Primaloft or down with compression bag. – 1 Sleeping pad recommend full-length foam type, ex. Ridge-Rest (this item can be carried outside the pack) – 1 Bivouac Sac, size that will fit you, sleeping bag, pad and your boots (not emergency type)
– Arrive on site with your personal; “Pace Count”: for a 100 meter distance and your personal technique to use it as we move through the forest.
-Arrive on site with the knowledge of how to put on, take off and properly use your snowshoes and trekking poles.
– Arrive with the general knowledge of what everything on this gear list is and how it is used.

First Aid

• 1 Medical Kit – 10 alcohol wipes, 1 Compression Bandage, 1 roll of paper tape, 5 band-aids, 5 safety pins
• Pain Relief Medication – Tylenol / Paracetamol / Acetaminophen preferred over anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen / Neurone. Keep a list or prescription medications on your person at all times.

Required Food

• Standard Military Style MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) Packages – *Must contain self heating device. Min 4,000 Calorie requirement. Note: MRE’s are NOT Freeze Dried foods.
Additional Snack Food Allowed
• Electrolyte tablets (must be caffeine free)

Banned Substances

• No Caffeine Pills, Tablets, or similar.
• No added Caffeine. period.
• No Energy shots, gus, gels, jelly beans, etc.
• No protein powders, protein bars, granola bars, beef jerky or any food substance that did not come packaged with your MRE listed above.

We will conduct a Show-Down inspection of all gear upon your arrival at the Spartan Agoge. You will be turned away from the event if you do not come adequately prepared or have a working knowledge of how to use the items on this list. This is for your own safety. Don’t waste your time and money on flights if you’re going to show up unprepared.

Additional Item:

6 pieces of bicycle tube cut into 1 1⁄2 inches wide by 2 feet long.

* Note – any timepieces worn must not contain any tracking or navigation capabilities.

*Any additional gear or event specific items will be emailed out to registered participants OR updated on the web site prior to the event date. Watch for changes and be alert.