Spartan Race Huixquilucan, Mexican National Series

Spartan Race Inc.
Spartan Race Huixquilucan, Mexican National Series
Desierto de los Leones Ciudad de MéxicoCDMX
Hurricane Heat Huixquilucan

Hurricane Heat Huixquilucan

Hurricane Heat (or HH) is a team-based event designed to push racers to greater personal distances. There are no timing chips and no bibs. There is no individual competition. Each HH is a unique experience directly related to the individuality of the venue, so distances and times vary. You will be challenged, and as a team, you will succeed.
Spartan Race Inc.
Desierto de los Leones Ciudad de MéxicoCDMX
Spartan Race Kids, Huixquilucan

Spartan Race Kids, Huixquilucan

Spartan Race isn't just for adults. Our Spartan Kids Race offers two distances for the little Spartans in your life. Based on age, our Kids races have obstacles in them just like the grown up versions. Come watch your future Spartans run, jump, and play just like they're supposed to.
Spartan Race Inc.
Desierto de los Leones Ciudad de MéxicoCDMX
Spartan Race Sprint, Huixquilucan

Spartan Race Sprint, Huixquilucan

The Sprint may be our shortest distance race, but it’s still a favorite among both new and returning racers. It’s the perfect distance for those looking to start their Spartan journey. The Sprint also allows returning racers a manageable distance to see how far they can push themselves. Delivering 20-23 obstacles over 3-5 miles, you'll never run the same race twice. Once you complete the sprint you are 1/3 on your Spartan TRIFECTA: The ultimate Spartan achievement.
Spartan Race Inc.
Desierto de los Leones Ciudad de MéxicoCDMX


Huixquilucan offers El Cerro de la Campana to open the 2018 Mexican season of Spartan Race and to celebrate the first National Series event in Mexico to qualify to the final of the championship.


The Ecotouristic Park Sabanillas in El Cerro de la Campana will be our most challenging location if we talk about altitude, since it rises to 3,300 meters above sea level. At a distance of less than 35km from Mexico City, it will be very easy for you to arrive, but probably less easy to finish the Sprint.


Arrive an hour and a half before your start time. This gives you plenty of time to park, pick up your packet, drop your stuff at bag check, and get warmed up.


- Official ID.

- Photocopy in black and white or color of official ID.

- Exemption signed to expedite your registration.

- Cash to pay parking, buy food, beer and/or souvenirs.

- A towel and a change of clothes to change after the race.

- Some light coat or jacket.


- Food and drinks.

- Pets.

- Bad attitude.


There is no mandatory dress code, but remember that you will be running between different types of terrain, mud, water and climbing the mountain so we recommend you:

- Use appropriate footwear since the race will take place in different types of terrain: compacted earth, grass, soft and muddy earth.

- Do not wear very loose clothing (you can get stuck in an obstacle).

- Do not wear cotton clothes (it becomes very heavy when you get wet).


- Finisher T-shirt.

- Medal

- Competitor number.

- Supply in route and goal line.

- CHIP loan from the TyR / CHRONOTRACK timekeeping system.

- Partial times and timed results during the competition.


Each Spartan runs for different reasons. For some, Spartan Race is a high-level sports competition, for others a way to get in shape and for a major part a real way of life. Whatever your motivation, we will always have a category that will match your mood and ensure the best possible experience.

The Spartan Race Categories are:


Elite athletes compete to win titles, compete against the best, attract potential sponsors and climb to the top of the various Spartan Race Series standings. Elite runners, like the Spartan athletes, are committed to impeccable sportsmanship and strictly adhere to race rules and guidelines. Riders who do not respect these guidelines risk disqualification. If you're wondering why you're running in the elite, it's because you're not one.


The Age Group Category, formerly called as "Competitive" is a series of starting wave just after the Elite Wave. Age Group riders will follow the same rules and guidelines as Elite riders. The Age Group Categories will be supervised by referees, there will also be a point ranking of the series and podium.

The category age range is:

  • Ages 14-17
  • Ages 18-24
  • Ages 25-29
  • Ages 30-39
  • Ages 40-49
  • Ages 50+


This Category is open to everyone! The Spartans of all weekends, beginner athletes, alone or in a team, you will always be welcome here. The Open Category has the same purpose as the Elites or Age Group categories, get out of your comfort zone, test your physical limits and discover the unique experience of crossing the finish line of a Spartan Race. However, it is not because you have entered the Open Category that you do not have the right to overtake yourself and push the pace of the race to the maximum. Regardless of the category in which you will participate, all your races will be counted to obtain the Trifecta or the Spartan Delta.


Become a member of the Spartan TRIFECTA Tribe by finishing one of each Spartan distance: Sprint, Super and Beast, in a calendar year (January 1 – December 31st), anywhere in the world.

*Note: A Spartan Stadium race counts as a Sprint race toward your TRIFECTA.

*Note: Hurricane Heat, Hurricane Heat 12 and Agoge are part of the TRIFECTA ENDURANCE.


There will be a festival area from which in addition to seeing some of the obstacles, there will be an area of food, bathrooms, souvenir shop, medical area and activations of our sponsors.


There will be parking with surveillance, the cost will be $ 45.00 MXN and only cash payments will be accepted.


More questions? Visit our FAQ's page.

Sure you can come as a spectator to watch a Spartan Race! Price for admission is $25.00MXN per spectator.