Stade de France Stadium Sprint

La Spartan Stadium en France vous emmène au Stade de France, lieu mythique du sport français. Tu vas découvrir ce lieu comme tu ne l'as jamais vu, pas assis sur un fauteuil à regarder des athlètes courir mais à monter, descendre les escalier, sauter des murs, sur la piste, dans les coursives, à tous les étages. Ton cardio devra être au rendez-vous ainsi que toutes tes aptitudes physiques pour pouvoir t'exprimer sur ce format Stadium qui reste dans l'esprit Spartan tout en faisant appel à des critères encore différents. 5 bonnes raisons de participer à la STADE DE FRANCE SPARTAN RACE STADIUM SPRINT: 1. Tu vas découvrir un des stades les plus mythiques au monde comme très peu de gens le connaisse. 2. Très accessible du centre de Paris par les transports en commun, soit c'est pas loin de chez toi soit tu peux passer un weekend parisien au top! 3. Tu vas découvrir un nouveau format Spartan accès sur le cardio, le fitness, moins de course et plus d'obstacles à enchaîner, ça va piquer. 4. Ce format est parfait pour parfaire ta préparation hivernale, juste à la sortie de l'hiver et avant la saison. 5. Viens gagner ta médaille Stadium, unique en Europe de l'Ouest.
Spartan Race Inc.
Stade de France Stadium Sprint
Stade de France93200 Saint-Denis
Stade de France Stadium Sprint

Stade de France Stadium Sprint

The Sprint may be our shortest distance race, but it’s still a favorite among both new and returning racers. It’s the perfect distance for those looking to start their Spartan journey. The Sprint also allows returning racers a manageable distance to see how far they can push themselves. Delivering 20-23 obstacles over 3-5 miles, you'll never run the same race twice. Once you complete the sprint you are 1/3 on your Spartan TRIFECTA: The ultimate Spartan achievement.
Spartan Race Inc.
Stade de France93200 Saint-Denis

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SGX/OS is Spartan’s official dual track training program, leading the way in obstacle race fitness, performance and personal empowerment. SGX/OS is designed for many fitness levels and a variety of age groups and is a scientifically-supported solution developed to get individuals physically and mentally prepared for a Spartan Race, or to simply live their lives with more vitality. The SGX and the OS are both meant to teach you what you need to know about instructing others to be well prepared for Spartan.

When: Friday prior the event 8.00am - 6.00pm


Call out your friends, co-workers and loved ones to get off the couch and into the mud.

Whether they’re helping you over the wall or chasing you up the mountain, make sure they’re with you at the starting line.

Teams can be any size but must have at least 4 members to be included in the team rankings. Time is taking on the 4th participants of the team.

All categories may select teams (Elite/Age Group/Open), however only the first Open team in the ranking can claim the 50% reduction by person available for a next race.


Bring your friends and family to the race to watch you conquering obstacles, dominating the finish line and receiving your medal! Come and enjoy an extraordinary experience through a day coupled with different activities in the Festival area, with our obstacles that you can test, the Spartan Race Junior or the opportunity to enjoy watching your family moving through the course. The entry is free for Spectators in Stade de France. 


Throughout the day, come and enjoy our festival area. Cattering, animations, demo structure, DJ and many other animations await you !


The parking lots available are those of the Stade de France and the ones arround the stadium. Click here for more informationMore info here.

Please, respect the parking area provided by the city.


Spartan Race is a risky event. You must be insured in the best way.

As Spartan Race does not belong to any sport federation, sport licences are not valid for individual insurance purpose during our events.

We are proposing you an individual accident insurance and medical transfer insurance in order for you to be sure to be insured for any accident that will not fall into the organizer responsibility. This is not mandatory but it is on your personal responsibility to check that you have all requested insurances in place with your personal private insurances regarding individual accident purpose or medical transfer purpose for this kind of events. The organizer could not be asked for any financial fee link to those issues.

This insurance is accessible during the registration process and it is non-transferable and non-refundable.

This insurance include the following coverage:

Individual accident insurance – terms and conditions

Medical transfer insurance – terms and conditions

Insurance T&C


More questions? Visit our FAQ page.


Ile de loisir de Jablines Annet 77 450



9.00am Elite Heat Super
9.15am - 9.30am Competitive Heat Super
9.45am - 11:30pm Open Heat Super
Last Start Super - 11:30pm
1:00am Elite Heat Sprint
1:15am - 1:30am Competitive Heat Sprint
1:45 pm - 4 pm Open Heat Super
Last Start Super - 4 pm

Elite Awards - 2:30am

Managing your arrival
7.30am - 5.00pm Race pack pick up
8.00am - 5.00pm Bag Drop
8.00am - 5.00pm Spartan festival and animations
5.30pm Closing of the village


A race organized on a professional level.
A Spartan “Finisher” shirt (only if you finish!).
A Spartan “Finisher” medal (only if you finish).
A Trifecta slice: win 3 of them (1 per distance) during one calendar year to complete and be part of the Trifecta tribe.

A “After Finish” aid station.

Chip timing for event results and rankings.

A Festival area with animations and good vibes.

Bragging rights.
And for sure scrapes and bruises, stories, stories and more stories!



The parking lots available are those of the leisure bases, they are at the entrance of the bases. Parking will be charge 5€ per car, shuttles will be available in few weeks.

Do not forget to get it when you check in your bib.

Note , shuttles allow you to reach the bases from the Chessy Railway station , the trip can take up to half an hour. Do take your precautions.

For more informations, here are some indicationsconcerning the parking.

START HEAT : How to select my start?

Reebok Spartan Race operates with heat starts. Heat size depends on the race course but will be between 150 and 250 athletes. Heats will leave every 15 minutes after the first heat. Register for the "Elite" or “Competitive” heat if you want to be as competitive as possible and race against the best.

Select well your departure time depending on your level, your team and your objectives. Don’t register in the last heats if you do not feel comfortable finishing the race on time. There is no cut off time but for obvious security reasons, all athletes must be at the finish line on a certain time.

Please note, the team registration does not guarantee the same stating heats. Once an heat is full, only the teams will be grouped in the same heat after sending a request. No exceptions will be made regarding changing in the Elite/Competitive or Open heats, only teams will be grouped in the same heat after sending the request to our customer service (CF FAQ’s).


Spartan Race has three different categories in which all levels are represented :

The Elite category: At the far end of the spectrum is the Elite category. These athletes are competing to test themselves against the best of the best, attract potential sponsors, and rise to the top of the Spartan Race Point Series. Elite Racers, like all Spartan athletes, commit to flawless sportsmanship and adhere strictly to the race rules and guidelines. Racers who fail to follow these guidelines risk disqualification.Elite heat its 10€ more.

The Competitive category: Our newest option, the Competitive category, is designed to address the gap between our Open class racers and our Elites. Competitive Racers will be expected to follow the same rules and standards as the Elite racers. These racers compete for glory and bragging rights. As a major component of the rapid evolution of obstacle racing as a sport, Competitive racers will start immediately following the elite waves, taking advantage of a wide open course. Competitive racers commit to sportsmanship, honoring rules and guidelines, and performing at their best. Competitive heat its 5€ more.

The Open category: The Open category is for everyone, period. Weekend warriors, novice athletes, first-time racers, and teams are all welcome here. The Open category offers the same opportunity as the Competitive and Elite categories to get far outside your comfort zone, test your body’s limits, and experience the awesome rush of the finish line. However, there’s no pressure to push your pace.

For more informations, please check our 2017 General Info Spartan Race.


Call out your friends, co-workers and loved ones to get off the couch and into the mud.

Whether they’re helping you over the wall or chasing you up the mountain, make sure they’re with you at the starting line.

Teams can be any size but must have at least 4 members to be included in the team rankings. Time is taking on the 4th participants of the team.

All categories may select teams (Elite/Competitive/Open), however only the first Open team can claim the 50% reduction by person available for a next race.


Spartan Race is a race, timed, judged and ranked. Everyone is ranked and the best athletes will be qualified for European and World championships. ALL the obstacles are mandatory and sanctioned of 30 BURPEES in case of failure on one obstacle. Wearing the timing chip is mandatory and your bib number SHALL be visible at any time.

You must be 16 years old on race day to be able to participate in a Spartan Sprint and 18 to participate to a Super or a Beast. You receive a headband with your bib number and a timing chip after checking-in for the race, It is mandatory to wear it. Having your bib number visible will also increase your chances of being recognized on the photos to have a memory ...You're not allowed to give your bib to another competitor.

Click HERE in order to read the rules and regulation doc.

Spartans do not cheat ! We expect that you respect the other competitors and the above rules!


There is no official cut off time nevertheless the organization may apply a race cut off depending on different parameters.
If you think you are not able to comply the race in a normal time period please register yourself as early as possible to give you the chance to finish the race.


A first aid post will be placed at the end of the race with water, bandages and a loan ambulance service to respond quickly to any part of the course. In the case of an accident, it will prevent as soon as possible a race officials posted every obstacle so that it prevents the emergency radio for surgery. You are allowed to take with you supply of water and food if you estimate you need it. The organization will set up supplies of water on the course but you should not rely only on it to hydrate you. Don’t hesitate to take water, gels and bars with you AND keep all rubbish with you!


  • TOP 3 Elites Men
  • 1st Free race and a full staffing Reebok Spartan Race
  • 2nd Free racing and a pair of Reebok Spartan Race shoe
  • 3rd Free racing and a backpack Reebok Spartan Race
  • TOP 3 Elites Women
  • 1st Free race and a full staffing Reebok Spartan Race.
  • 2nd Free racing and a pair of Reebok Spartan Race shoe.
  • 3rd Free racing and a backpack Reebok Spartan Race.

The first team of the Open category will receive 1 voucher of 50% discount for the first 4 of the valid team for a Spartan Race France race.


Become a volunteer Spartan Race by registering (HERE)

Be part of our behind the scenes team by volunteering to help at a race. You will learn a thing or two, and experience what it's like to be part of the Spartan team. Your efforts make the Reebok Spartan Race the best obstacle racing series, and ensure a great experience for thousands of participants.

Each volunteer will receive a voucher for a Sprint or Super race for 1 day of volunteering and a voucher for a Beast race for 2 days of volunteering.

There are different volunteer areas to choose from like Festival, course or registration. You can choose your area when signing up as a volunteer.

Next steps?

You will quickly learn while volunteering, add to your professional experience and probably meet new friends.


More questions? Visit our FAQ page.