Milano MXP Sprint

Milano MXP Sprint
Cardano al Campo"Cardano al CampoMilano Malpensa
Milano MXP Juniors

Milano MXP Juniors

Cardano al Campo"Cardano al CampoMilano Malpensa
Milano MXP Sprint

Milano MXP Sprint

Cardano al Campo"Cardano al CampoMilano Malpensa


Call out your friends, co-workers and loved ones to get off the couch and into the mud.

Whether they’re helping you over the wall or chasing you up the mountain, make sure they’re with you at the starting line.

Teams can be any size but must have at least 4 members to be included in the team rankings. Time is taking on the 4th participants of the team.


Bring your friends and family to the race to watch you conquering obstacles, dominating the finish line and receiving your medal! Come and enjoy an extraordinary experience through a day coupled with different activities in the Festival area, with our obstacles that you can test, the Spartan Race Junior or the opportunity to enjoy watching your family moving through the course. Depending on the location of the race, an entry price may be requested.


Throughout the day, come and enjoy our festival area. Cattering, animations, demo structure, DJ and many other animations await you !


The parking lots available are those of the leisure bases, they are at the entrance of the bases. Parking will be charge 5€ per car, there is no shuttle for the race.

Please, respect the parking area provided by the venue.


Spartan Race is a risky event. You must be insured in the best way.

As Spartan Race does not belong to any sport federation, sport licences are not valid for individual insurance purpose during our events.

We are proposing you an individual accident insurance and medical transfer insurance in order for you to be sure to be insured for any accident that will not fall into the organizer responsibility. This is not mandatory but it is on your personal responsibility to check that you have all requested insurances in place with your personal private insurances regarding individual accident purpose or medical transfer purpose for this kind of events. The organizer could not be asked for any financial fee link to those issues.

This insurance is accessible during the registration process and it is non-transferable and non-refundable.

This insurance include the following coverage:

Individual accident insurance – terms and conditions

Insurance T&C


More questions? Visit our FAQ page.