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The Ultra is the pinnacle Spartan event in the world. The standard Ultra is held over 26+ miles, and it's not for the faint of heart - you'll face epic terrain, punishing obstacles, and even some surprises thrown in. The Ultra is the only Spartan event featuring strict time cutoffs that must be met. *Please note that not everyone who signs up for an Ultra will actually finish.
Spartan Race Inc.
Sydney NSW245 Picton Road PictonNSW2571

What is the Hurricane Heat 12 HR?

The Picton Hurricane Heat 12HR will be the second held in Australia and only one of a handful so far run world wide.

The first Aus HH12HR saw 100 start and 36 finish.

We have teamed up with Avalance Endurance Events (AEE) to help plan and run the event. AEE is made up of former British SAS/SBS personnel, and have become famous for running the most authentic SF Selection based events in the world, including the infamous Fandance Race. 

There has been little info and plenty of speculation about the 2016 HH12HR to be held in Sydney on 8 Oct. Of course I can’t give too much away, as this time I will be taking part as a recruit along with Yosti, Richard and Rino, so I am in the dark as to any event details.

What I CAN tell you is that we have a combined task force of Aussie and UK ex-SF who are working to bring together a thoughtfully conceived and planned out challenge based on their experience of selection protocols across different countries and units.

They are not interested in just breaking people, rather in seeing how they can bring the ‘unbreakable’ out in you. If you are expecting drill Sargent style antics you may be disappointed. Much of this battle will be fought in our own minds.

If you are ready for the ultimate challenge, sign up for a Hurricane Heat Twelve Hour quick, as this event is limited to 100 participants at each venue. Sign up early to ensure you don’t miss out on the best/most meaningful twelve hours of your life.

Location: 245 Picton Road, Picton, NSW 2571

Distance: Classified Obstacles: Classified

Duration: 12 hours

Kit List

I asked one of the ex-UK SAS Fandance DS what we should tell recruits to bring. He chuckled and said “everything they’ve got”. Apparently there will be no “craft workshops” being run in this one lol, so kit requirement will be very minimal, currently:

- A pack of the minimum weight (35lb/25lb) before food & water

- Food & water (min 2 ltrs)

- Functioning head torch

- A small note pad & pencil (tbc)

*You will need a quality pack and it will be checked for min weight at registration and throughout the event.

*An underweight pack at any time during the event may result in penalties or DQ.

Start Time

Starts October 8th 7:00PM - Ends October 9th 7:00AM


All starters will receive a HH12HR T-shirt.

Finishers will earn a HH12HR wedge and dog tag.

All starters will have the option to buy a HH12HR patch and additional tees.

Please note: There is no guarantee that you will run the course and earn the corresponding medal for that regular course. Remember, you are signing up to compete in the HH12HR; if you finish, you will earn JUST the HH12HR T-shirt, wedge and dog tag. Options to purchase patches and additional tees will be available.


245 Picton Road, Picton, 2571 NSW

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Parking will be $10 per car at the front gate






You will need to be able to perform, self supported, for the duration of the event. We recommend a military style backpack ( rush72 is our #1 choice) a 2-3L Hydration Unit, and whatever food you'll need to survive 12 hours of pushing beyond your limits. More required gear will be emailed to you in the week or two prior to the event.

Your ID
Your bib #
Towel & extra (dry) clothes

What not to bring:
Outside food and drink (racers, fuel for the race is OK)
Your pets
Negative Attitude


There’s no dress code, but you’ll be running in mud and water, climbing hills and mountains, under barbed wire and jumping fire.

Our elites recommend: performance gear (NOT COTTON), water packs, compression underwear, Clif bars and energy gel. Visit to gear up for your race.

Advice from experience: is to race in what you train in - new shoes on race day are NOT recommended.


Bag check will be available for $3/$5 on the day


Professional event day photos will be posted on the event page 5-7 days after the event. We’ll email you when your photos are ready!

How do I find a Hurricane Heat?

The Hurricane Heat will be making appearances at selected Spartan races throughout the season, so check our events page to see when the next one is being run.

Details can be found here

N.B. - Hurricane Heats do not count toward earning a Trifecta.

Volunteer opportunities can be discussed with our volunteer coordinator at href="" style="color: #990000;">sign up here

*Online Registrations Close Tuesday 4th October 2016 (11:59pm AEDST)